June 26th, 2011

Gym Etiquette Part 1: Droppin’ Stuff

Hey everyone, I’m back…please don’t boo! I know you want more J. Pav and Annie and we hope to give you more of what you want in the future, but for today you’re stuck with me! Over the next few days, I want to address just a few small issues of gym etiquette. Today we are going to talk about droppin’ stuff. There is a definite time for dropping, and times when it is not your best option. If you remember just a few simple rules it is pretty easy. First, and always most importantly, remember your safety. No matter what you have in your hand, if you feel your safety is jeopardized by controlling it down to the ground then by all means drop it. We would much rather have a broken dumbell than a broken you! Second rule. Soft things are made for dropping, hard things are not. This simple rule pretty much clears up the rest of the issues. A bar loaded with bumpers is fine and sometimes desirable to drop. A wall ball is fine to drop on your last throw when you are going to take a rest. An unloaded barbell, dumbells and kettlebells should not be dropped. They can break and they can also crack the floor. Those two simple rules pretty much clear up the vast majority of the issues with dropping. Thanks for listening. See you in the gym.


Complete three rounds for time of:
95 pound Squat clean, 30 reps
30 Pull-ups
Run 800 meters

Post time to comments.

Compare to here or here.


10 Responses

  1. 2 rounds: 31:55

  2. 35:49 Rx’d
    Tough one! Love the squat clean because of the all the work (power/strength/accuracy) accomplished in a single rep, but oiy, wears a person out!!
    Good hard work was put in by big 5:30 session. Got very quite as I think everyone was pushing hard.

    • I was thinking of all the scaling talk lately and was thinking there’s a darn good reason, the people at CFS really want to work hard, and would do as much as you asked. It was very evident from this morning with a wide variety of CFSers. From the original CFSer to those that just started a month-ish ago, everyone this morning (when I looked up from my stuppor) were working as hard as they could. This is an awesome “problem” to have as you know not every CF box is like that. This morning was CrossFit as it was intended. Great job people, picking a goal and getting the most out of it!

  3. 32:19 Rx’d

    I have never done this WOD before and though I have no concious memory of doing so, I am pretty sure I avoided it previously on purpose (but I am sure I thought of a good excuse). New least favorite? No, Barbara still reigns supreme. Followed by a 20 minute AMRAP involving backwards skips, squats, double-unders and running that I did once. But this came close. Good gut check WOD, scaled or Rx’d.

  4. 43:14 River Badger -scaled (2full rounds & one 15/15/800) – kinda feel like I wuss’d out at the last set, but think I should have scaled slightly throughout (was not feeling 100%), and just was flat out of muscle gas! Maybe could have pushed through with the CFS crew pushin.

    I like this workert though…good solid hard work!

    • I would have HATED to do this one alone. As bad as trying to due EVA or Murph alone. Good work getting it done.

  5. 28:42 2 rounds
    push ups instead of pull ups

    Dumping the bar became very desireable on the last few of my 2nd round. Thank you bumper plates!

    9:15 worked hard!!

  6. 34:56 Scaled 2 rounds- Did this one at home and I struggled with every aspect of this WOD. 65# SC 30 reps and Blue/Red band P/U 30 reps and 400m run. SC took FOREVER, started with the blue band Pull ups and could not string more than 3 together so i added the red band, ran the 400m, I actually enjoyed the run today as that meant the round was almost over. Horrible.

    On a positive note, further extolling the virtues of Cast Iron cookware, if you make sausage for dinner and are too lazy to clean up your mess (Girls are out of town) you can leave the pan on the stove, fire it up in the morning and make yummy smoked sausage flavored eggs in no time.

  7. […] Part 1: Droppin’ Heavy Stuff […]

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