June 28th, 2011

Shyanne vs. The Anniversary WOD

Last week we had yet another anniversary WOD. This time Shyanne was on the hot seat with everyone in class keeping an eye on her throughout the 10 minute AMRAP. Her score from a year ago was 4 complete rounds. She wanted to at least double that score this time. The suspense was  over quickly as she passed her previous score about 3 to 4 minutes into the WOD. From there on out she kept a consistent pace hardly slowing down at all as she blazed through the final reps. Once the dust settled her final score was right around 9 rounds. Over 100% improvement from last year.  Great job Shyanne you have worked hard the past year and it shows! Way to go.

Complete as many rounds as possible in 12 minutes of:

10 Dumbell row

10 push ups

5 Hang Power snatch

Post loads and rounds completed to comments


14 Responses

  1. Way to go Shy! You rock girl.

  2. Nice work Shyanne! Amazing improvement in fitness.

  3. Nice job Shyanne!

    9 rounds + 10 push ups, subbed GHDs for HPS.

  4. 7 rounds + 10 push ups
    4lbs DBs; 115 HPS

    Great job Shyanne, there should’ve been a celebratory dance afterwards!

    • Went big on the DB’s today I see.

      • haha… yep. thought I’d admit I hollowed out the 40lbs to only weigh 4lbs to make myself look better than I really am. If only I could hollow out my belly those muscle ups would come like butter!

  5. Brad,

    The website for the jump ropes is:


    Click on the competition ropes section to see their selection.

  6. Thanks Tom, 8 rounds with 75# HPS. Felt much better than yesterday. Great job on the AMRAP Shyanne!

  7. Great job shyanne! You did amazing!

  8. Karisa and I are on a little vacation, so today we did Norcal Margaritas for time, along with some jet skiing.

  9. Nice work Shyanne! Another Ruiz family champion crossfitter.

  10. River WOD #4
    1mile run
    DL 5x 135, 165, 185,225,275
    3x :30 ring holds
    10 skin the cat

    I know…this was a lot to do! There was more I’m forgetting too. This was a WAD from another box…and by the time I got to Fran (for the 2nd time in two weeks!) my time was 7:14 Rx ( ~1:30 worse then last time).

    Tired! Makes me appreciale the well rounded CFS programming. Thanks Jeff

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