June 29th, 2011

Push Press 3-3-3-3


 2 rounds for time of:

3 minute plank hold

6 rope climbs

12 Push press

24 Box jumps

Post time, pus press load and box height to comments.




6 Responses

  1. Push Press 1RM: 195
    BonusWOD: 21:45 Rx’d w/ 155lbs PP

    Good working w/ Chris, PP looked great, bar over feet, no back arcing, full extention.

    Really enjoyed the WOD even if longer than originally intended. Think I went a little too big on the push press as I wasn’t moving well for all of the reps, not ‘getting the most out of every rep’ but just learning and good times!

  2. Push Press 115# technique improving
    19:06 20″ Box, 65#, 30 Situps for rope (elbow issues)

    Enjoyed this WOD, abs will hurt tomorrow. Thanks for the encouragment from everyone.

    BTW – I like the warm up run…

  3. Yes! Mark and Shawn boosted my confidence after my beat down yesterday regarding the run in our warm up. I think that might be the least popular thing I have done in the gym so far. Haters beware my confidence is renewed!

  4. Push Press 135#
    Bonus WOD 15:40 24″ box 85# push press

    Hey Casey, A little birdie (with a sore shoulder)told me that you’re 37. Happy Birthday!

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