A 4th of July Fridge

Prepping for the 4th, this garage fridge contains: 30# Ribs, 24# Brisket, 6# Burger, Halibut, Dogs, Chorizo, Sausage. Oops, did I just give the owner away?

As you’re lurking this fridge with a fine tooth comb, make sure to notice the six jars of fish oil in the door, nestled, of course, between the Monster Energy Drink and the Toasted Head wine. Obviously inflammation is a priority in this family.

Not only because of its pristine organizational skills but this is one of my all time favorite fridges for it’s multifarious content. Anyway you open it, it screams fun– I kinda want to go to its party!

Who’s fridge is it? Post answers to comments.
Eat well, Friends, and be safe on the 4th!


5 Responses

  1. Glenn’s…that was a tough one.

    The real question…will the cod liver oil be able to adequately fend of the inflammation of the Monster. That could be an epic battle. Foreman vs. Ali, Holyfield vs Tyson, Balboa vs Creed 1, Balboa vs. Creed 2, Balboa vs. Lang, Balboa vs Drago, Balboa vs.Duke, Balboa vs. Dixon

    I heart multifarious.


  2. I love that fridge!!!

    Did 150 burpees at the station this morning… 10:49.
    38 second PR.

  3. Yeah, definately Glenn’s! Who else smokes that much meat?

  4. Yep Glenn’s


  5. Guilty. Meat and Beer are gone now. I had help with both.

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