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July 7th, 2011

For time:
Run 800 meters
Snatch, 30 reps
Run 800 meters

Post load and total time to comments.


20 Responses

  1. Run 800 meters
    Raise a family
    Run 800 meters

  2. Shawn did a great job as substitute coach/motivator for the 5:30 group. Since it was only Taryn myself and Shawn – where were the rest of you guys, did we not get the e-mail? Shawn came up with the “Parking Lot WOD”: 400m Run – 30 squats – 20 push ups – 10 Burpees jumping to the curb 4x through for time. Would have been a real trial in the rain… I wonder what the Highway 9 commuters thought to see us jumping around our parking lot!

    • That’s CrossFit, the unknowing and unknowable 😀
      Great job getting motivated on a day that could easily throw of the mojo. Good work was done and you can enjoy your afternoon.

      I would give the trainer (whomever it is) a harder time if they didn’t constantly go out of their way to help us out between staying late, outside of class advice, excellent advice and bonus wod’s. Though I think 30 DB Squat Clean Thruster Burpees sounds appropriate. 😉

      • Way to step up Shawn!

      • I think we have a new “Shawn” WOD! 4 rounds for time of 400m run, 30 air squats, 20 push ups and 10 curb burpee’s. Although it does seem appropriate that any WOD named Shawn should include 500# dedlifts for time, etc. Great job Shawn!

      • Good job Shawn would have been there – hit and run bike accident last night on the bothell-everett hiwy. not sure what i will be able to do – my arm is broken. my bike doesn’t look too bad however. i’ll stop by.

      • Very sorry to hear the bad news about your accident Ellen. Come on in! The coaches will find some way for you to move well.

      • doh Ellen!! Sorry to hear it. Heal fast and well!

        Like Glenn said, I’m sure there’s much you can do. Run, box jumps, sit ups, hip ext., squats, lunges, 1arm HSPU yada… Though I’m sure jiggling probably isn’t good right away, but soon enough after the worst heals up i hope to see you in. Visit us when you feel like getting up early.

      • oohh… until you’re arm can bear weight they could put the weight vest on you to add some variety! 🙂

      • Ellen,

        Sorry to hear about your arm! Drink your milk and heal up fast.


      • Ellen, that sounds horrible. I hope your arm is feeling any better. Casey was hit once on his bike too, it’s so dangerous!

      • Ellen,
        So sorry to hear about your accident. Our prayers are with you for a fast recovery. Let us know if you need anything. CFS has a long history of supporting its members in time of need. Also, as soon as you are up to it get in to class. I promise you we will get you a good workout.That is what you are paying us for!

      • Nice job, Shawn! You are always so encouraging to work out with and now stepping up to lead the group. Love it! I’m proud to be part of a gym that has such awesome coaches AND members! 🙂

  3. 0530 group, I apologize on behalf of the coaching staff! Our calendar system between the coaches is very random and we are working the bugs out. We WILL get it right I assure you!

    Shawn, thanks for stepping up and getting some work done and for being gracious.

  4. Could not make it this morning…and sounds like I missed a good one! I will be doing a sub workout tonight:
    3M Run
    100 PU
    100 Sit ups
    100 Squats
    for time

    Nice work Shawn!

  5. 13:43/85# Finally getting the hang of the Snatch. BTW That’s the second time this week that Brooke has beat me.

  6. 21:54 800m row-60 green band ring dips-60 green/blue,red kid on a leash push ups-800m row. When i set up the push ups blue/blue was good, after getting into the rig after the rig dips i was able to pull off a whopping three push ups, I added a bunch of rubber to complete the remaining 57. Sorry I missed the “Shawn” parking lot WOD this morning.

  7. Glenn,
    Nice work. Ring dips and push ups are a tough combo together. Dips and pull ups are much easier back to back. Great work getting WODs done at home! Hope to see you soon.


  8. 15:50 w/ 115lbs

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