July 8th, 2011

Training Hurt

We had had a lot of random injuries lately. From boat cranks to bike accidents. From sky diving to stilts. Are we just accident prone? I don’t think so. I like to think that we are just a bunch of people who refuse to sit still even when we are outside the gym and sometimes that comes with some small consequences. The topic today is… What do you do when you get injured? Let me use a couple of examples from our ranks.

First, is Betty, she came to us with a bit of an elbow issue that worsened quickly with any pull ups, Kettlebell swings, rowing and barbell movements from the ground or hang position. Think about that for a moment. That is a lot of CrossFIt stuff she couldn’t do! Betty chose not to sit on the sidelines. She battled with her injury for the better part of a year. She is one of our most committed and consistent athletes. While Betty was injured she gained huge amounts of fitness that she would have never made had she stayed out of the gym until she was “better.” Once her elbow was healed, she had kipping pull ups in like a month, all of her barbell movements from the ground and the hang positions look great and she is doing things that literally might have killed her when she first came. All because she chose not to sit on the sidelines.

Next up is Brandie, completely torn achilles. A devastating injury for any athlete with an even more challenging recovery. She was literally back in class a few days after the injury and before surgery, and then as soon as physically possible after. If you have been to the evening class lately, you will see that Brandie is a mainstay. That’s right, she is the one over there smoking you at the WOD doing olympic lifts with the same weight you are using, but she is doing it without leaving the ground since she can’t jump yet. Since her injury she has improved her rowing, pull ups, and almost every other upper body movement. Again, all because she chose not to sit on the sidelines.

What is the point? When you are hurt, show up to class as soon as you are physically able. You will speed your healing, improve your fitness, work on weakness, have more fun, feel better and see your friends at class. Follow Betty and Brandie’s example the next time you are plagued with an injury. We will have an intelligently thought out WOD that will improve your quality of life and is tailored specifically to your physical abilities and comfort level.

Complete as many rounds in 20 minutes as you can of:
7 Handstand push-ups
12 L-Pull-ups

Post rounds and fractions of rounds completed to comments.


12 Responses

  1. All right, who is the joker who jacked themselves up while they were on stilts?

  2. Yay Betty and Brandie, you inspire me to do better! 🙂

  3. Challenging but fun wod. Great group this morning; encouraging and cheerful, even at 530 in the morning! Thanks for your helpful coaching, John! 🙂 Great to see Ellen, hope you heal up quickly!
    6 rounds +9 strict pull ups, scaled with bands and mats

  4. Kandi would be another great example of someone training through an injury and making great gains from it. Way to go Kandi.

  5. Some good hard work put in today by the 5:30 crew. Everybody that scaled to some degree did an excellent job of pushing their intensity within that scaled WOD. Kudos to you all.

  6. 4 rounds + 2 HSPU scaled
    HSPU w/ 1 abmat
    7 L-Pull Ups per round: finished reps in an L, best effort made, but definitely not strict from start!

    Tough! Probably should’ve scaled back a little more. The last HSPU’s of each round were ridiculously hard! 4 unbroken, then even with rest I couldn’t get 1 out.

    Kind of a fun day where noone was doing the same workout, everyone working on their skills and ability.

  7. 3 rounds + 3 pull ups
    HSPU to the ground, strict pull ups. One of these days I’ll get an L pull up!

  8. 15 rounds even. Push ups off the tallest box were way too easy, but I’m not sure I could have stayed straight in a hand stand. Strict pull ups with a blue band. I feel like I shouldn’t have scaled so much, but that said, the reason I was so fast was because the box push ups were way too easy. Sigh. HSPUs next time!

  9. 8 rounds. HSPU to 45#plate plus 2 ab mats. Strict pull ups with Green and blue bands. It seems as if my pull ups are really regressing lately. not sure why.

  10. 6 rounds 7 LPU (scaled) -2rounds Rx, after that 1amat on HSPU. Decided that I wanted reps over Rx.

  11. Thanks for the blog post JV! Thanks to all the CFS coaches for helping me through this injury. You guys have all been so helpful and encouraging. Every workout I’ve done in these last 3 months has been challenging thanks to all of you. I’m surprised everyday with how much I’m able to do in the gym. My physical therapist is constantly telling me that I’m ahead of schedule. I think most of it has to do with the work I put in at CFS!

    Kandi—you have been a great inspiration for me! An ACL repair is a tough one to come back from and you were right back in the gym shortly after surgery. You are impressive and it made me realize that I could do it to!! ☺

    Betty—You have made tremendous gains in the gym! I now know just how frustrating an injury can be. You always seemed to have a great attitude about it. Way to hang in there because it has totally paid off. Great job getting those pull ups—they look awesome!

  12. I agree with Brandie. Jeff and the all of the CFS trainers were very supportive during my injuries, adjusting wods and sometimes having to create wods just for me. I was never bored and was always challenged. I am amazed at the progress I made even though I was so limited in what I could do. Thanks guys!

    It sure is nice to be injury free so I can do the actual workout these days!

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