July 13th, 2011

Jesse on the Games Site

Click here to watch our Games favorite Jesse Disch on the CrossFit Games site. I must say, he’s an easy guy to cheer for!

Shoulder Press 5-5-5-5 reps

Post loads to comments.


2 rounds for time of:

400m run

90 foot bear crawl

20 ring rows

Post time to comments.


17 Responses

  1. What an inspirational interview! I’ve only met Jesse once at the gym but after hearing his humble interview, love of the Lord and seeing his awesome t-shirt :), we can’t wait to cheer for him at the games! Go Jesse!

  2. I totally agree Kandi!! What a great guy! Go get ’em Jesse!!

  3. Great interview Jesse – can’t wait to watch you at the Games. Good luck.

  4. Great group at 530. Thanks Katie for pairing up with me for the press; fun to work out with you. 🙂
    Worked up to 82 lb press
    Can’t remember my exact time for the run/bear crawl/rr-12 ish maybe?
    Annie 11:28 (waiting for John’s wod, thanks for letting me impinge on your time Ryan & John)

  5. Press 5RM: 150
    135-155×4-150: little lower than before but not every day can be a PR day 🙂 just felt a bit weaker this morning.

    Run/Bear/Row: 6:44 Rx’d Couldn’t keep up with Ben/Jim on the rows! Started failing and missing the ring touch chest.

    Everyday’s good, but this morning just felt like one of those perfect way to start the day with the group and activity. Whoever thought 5:30am could get such a great group of people together to start things off right.

    Jim: I remembered the phrase regarding running that helps you get better at pushing it. “EMBRACE the Suck!” (either a John or Jeff fav phrase.

    • Great to see you on the Games site Jesse, another reiteration of why we will definitely be cheering for you. It’ll be great!

  6. Press:115# 6:28 Rx’d I think Matt took a dive so I could catch him. Thanks! Wow Ben, 6:06 Great effort.

  7. 100# SP 11:48 on the Then WOD. RIng Rows were not RX’ed and I saw a turtle pass me coming up the driveway on the last 400m run. Good Lord I am slow on the runs.

  8. 135# Press – 1st time doing 5-5-5-5, so don’t have a comparrison, but that was my last recorded 3-3-3-3, so I felt good.

    6:06 Rx on the 2nd half WOD – chasing Jim kept me motivated today…thought I had him but his Beastly ring row abilities were just too much for me! 🙂 Great energy 5:30 ****

    Jesse – great interview! I am so amazed & motivated by the idea that for 5 years you have essentially trained on your own…and have been your own motivator. That kind of drive is something to aspire too. That is the drive of a warrior…of a Champion! Good luck!

  9. 125 # Press, 6:28 on the 2nd WOD.

    No Brad, I didn’t take a dive. Those ring rows took me down all by themselves. Nice work!

    Awesome interview Jesse! Good luck brother!

  10. 5RM: 75#

    Fun lifting with you Kris!

    8:51 Rx’d bonus WOD

  11. Great interview Jesse! Fun to see Michelle make it in there too.

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