Ropey Pecs & Spazzy Delts

These are adjectives that were mumbled to me as I got an initial exam from my ART guy, and I don’t think they were a compliment.  In fact it was kind of embarrassing, who shows up anywhere with ropey pecs?

I can think of two distinct times in recent history Casey has told me to go do something, so life changing even, and I’ve just kind of blown it off.  Even after he entices me with, “it’ll change your life.”  First:  crossfitting at CFS.  Obviously no brainer there.  Second:  going to the ART guy.  Feel my pain for a second, one visit my shoulder was flared up so bad my next appointment that day was going to be a MRI. Not until my acute pain was fixed instantaneously, did I finally believe my credible husband.  Now I have to preach it to the world!

Here’s the formal info (don’t skip it, it’s good):  “Active Release Techniques (ART)  is a newer, truly unique soft tissue treatment system. It allows us to find not only what muscles are tight, but where exactly within the muscle is tight and affecting your biomechanics. It also helps us to find and break down adhesions, or scar tissue, that have built up between muscles and/or nerves. ART® can be very effective in treating conditions like tennis and golfer’s elbow, peripheral nerve entrapments such as carpal tunnel syndrome, rotator cuff injuries, and other soft-tissue and nerve-related conditions.” It has become a very popular technique amongst athletes, especially crossfitters.  Check out any injury thread on the crossfit boards and you’ll see tons of recommendations for trying this technique.

Here’s a quick video demonstrating ART on a hamstring:

Imagine what it could do for you! I have literally been blown away by the immediate relief my shoulder has gotten. Sorry if I’m constantly telling everyone at the gym you should get ART done, but really, you should! Get those muscles sliding, CFS!


3 Responses

  1. I bet ART would help my always stiff shoulders. I wonder if Dr. Josh has a permit for those guns? Seems like he knows how to use them.

    • Glenn, you don’t even know. Just pound one of those CLO’s and go to an appt. It’ll change your life!

  2. Is this how you suddenly went from 1.5-2 abmat HSPU girl to full HSPU girl?

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