July 27th, 2011

Weighted push up/Press


Alternate between weighted push ups and 1 rep max press. Rest at least 2 minutes between each and every rep. If you don’t have push ups work on them in between your press attempts.

Post highest weighted push up and highest press to comments.



9 Responses

  1. 120 weighted push-up / 155# press –
    Matched press from Feb, but could not progress past
    135-145-155-165 F -160 F – 155

    Great work done today. Lots of concentration on good form in addition to power. Weighted push ups were a fun new movement.

  2. 95 lbs weighted push up / 115 lbs press

    Oh and my new “lifestyle diet” is primal/dairy. They can’t make me give up my milk, LOL.

  3. Press 1RM: 160
    Weighted Push Up 1RM: 135 (last rep plank was rough)

    10lbs less than PR on Press, but today I’m perfectly ok with that. Not every single day has to be all star. 🙂
    Good fun back and forth workout this morning Ben. Good way to start a slow go morning.

  4. Kinda crazy how we can surprise ourselves.

  5. Press 1RM #115 60# weighted PU. Marguerite loved piling weights on my back for some reason and was a little slow in getting the 65# failed attempt off my back. I still love her.

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