Primal Royalty!

Greetings from the 2011 Reebok Crossfit Games!  One of the best parts of the games is seeing the royalty walk by!  Today Casey met Mark Sisson (the Primal Godfather), of Marks Daily Apple.  And author of my favorite cookbook, The Primal Blueprint Cookbook.

Grok on!

Here’s a pic I have of Jesse rocking his L sit holds.  He’s been an amazing competitor with great athleticism and grace.  But we all knew that!

 Missing CFS,



5 Responses

  1. What’s Grok On? Is that something Mark Sisson says??
    Did Daddy get an autograph??

  2. Grok on Steins! You can still eat Paleo at In-N-Out by ordering your yummy burger Protein Style!

    Amazing performance by Jesse D. If you have not seen the recap of Mens event 6 heat 2 please go see it now. Jesse giving it all he has. Very inspirational. After watching this you can tell he left nothing on the table.

    I have never seen another professional sport where the people you are competing against are the same ones cheering you on during battle.

    • Jesse is #033

    • During the triplet with sprints I was most impressed by Jesse’s final sprint as he had someone right on his heels going full out, and Jesse found it in himself to go full sprint to beat him. Most competitors where just slogging through that last run.

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