August 3rd, 2011

Jesse Disch

Congratulations to Jesse Disch, honorary CFS member and good friend. Jesse endured a brutal weekend filled with a broad range of fitness tests to come out the 29th fittest man on the planet. Amazing performance from an amazing guy. Way to go Jesse! For a bit more follow up on Jesse you can listen to him here on CrossFit Radio, here on the CrossFit Games site or here on youtube.

Three rounds, 12-9- and 6 reps, for time of:
135 pound Squat clean and jerk

Post times to comments.


23 Responses

  1. Congratulations Jesse!!! You are a true Warrior, competitor, and athlete in every sense of the word! What an amazing effort to fight for every last rep!! Way to represent the Northwest and CFS! 29th fittest on the PLANET! AMAZING!

  2. Amazing work Jesse. Truly an inspirational performance.

  3. Congratulations Jesse!!!! What an amazing accomplishment. I watched all weekend and was cheering you on.
    Would love to hear your version of the whole experience.

    Nice Job!

  4. Jesse, amazing job! Top 30 fittest men in the world is an accomplishment that is humbling at worst, and inspiring at best. Thank you for being a role model in and out of Crossfit.

  5. 22:20 – scaled
    Rx squat clean & jerks
    scaled muscle ups as follows (see video link attached):
    Round 1 – hanging rings with purple band on each ring – 3 muscle ups & 6 additional attempts
    Round 2 – hanging rings with blue band on each ring – 1 muscle ups & 4 additional attempts
    Round 3 – 6 regular assisted MU (floor rings sitting in red band)

    I googled MU and found the scaled MU workout I did in round 1 & 2 – very exciting and encouraging to get up there…even assisted. This video is goofy, but it worked for me:

    I felt like I was close anyway, and the band gave me the bump I needed to get up, but after a couple..even with the band was DONE! This is a tough movement! I also found it easier with the purple band because it was not in my way…the blue was.

    Anyway…just a struggling muscle-upper’s thoughts on a new scaling (for now!). Have fun today!!!

  6. Great job Jesse! Inspiring stuff!

    95 lbs squat clean and jerks

    pullups and ring dips x 2


  7. 17:47 scaled
    Blue band assisted muscle ups; push jerk’s only by plan
    (tried red band, quickly maxed out)

    Great job Jessie. Love your last sprint of the triplet!

  8. I should get online sooner because I’ve already forgotten my time (definitely a modified workout though). Maybe I can blame the hit on my chin for loss of memory? Tom, how are the teeth?

    I’m seriously impressed with the assisted muscle ups. I’m also impressed by pullups and dips unassisted. Something for me to look forward to.

    Thanks Kacey & Tom for the tips on getting down my squats.

    • I’ve got a dental appointment on Friday to em fixed. Their a little rough…… you will get those squats down in no time Shelly!

      • When I got to work I saw my dentist appt for tomorrow & thought I bet Tom could use that! Doing squats during warmup will help, not sure why I didn’t think of that one!

    • I remember my first 4-6 months and just being in awe of those people that’d come in and do a 50+ rep WOD Rx’d.

      Now I’m bowing down to Matt Nuttbrock’s time for today’s WOD. (seriously, on my knees at my cubicle)

      • I’d get on my knees & bow down to ya’ll except I have a nasty bruise on my knee and it hurts. Maybe squats will make it feel better. 🙂 Always good to see others as motivation!

  9. 24:XX 95# squat clean and jerks and 2x blue band pull ups and 1x push ups. Nice watching Matt RX it!

  10. 17:56 Rx’d

    • Wowzers! I hate you. 😉 Awesome man. I wasn’t sure anyone was going to be able to Rx this workout, besides a Vale. Haha.

  11. 22:50
    115lb clean/jerk (no squat)12,9,6
    Unassisted pullups (1st time)24,18,12
    Ring dips (smallest band)24,18,12
    Equals=sweaty mess 🙂

  12. 24:04
    95# squat clean & jerk rx’d
    I did the green band pulled up really tight on assisted mu’s. It was easier than usual, but I needed something in that wod to be a little easier– SC & J was HARD!!

  13. This must be about Muscle-ups!!!

    “Unless you’re willing to have a go, fail miserably, and have another go, success won’t happen.”
    – Phillip Adams

    (care of

  14. Great. Comments all around. I love the community that is being built here! Shelly great to hear you chime in. Ben, thanks for the MU assistance tips and vid and quote (perfect one for mu). Chris, pull ups look so great today. You are progressing quickly!

  15. 16:34- 95lb squat clean & jerk, did 2 dips (red band) and 2 pull ups for each muscle up rep. Congratulations, once again, to Jesse for an outstanding job last weekend. Great videos, too. 🙂

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