August 16th, 2011


CrossFit gyms go way beyond just fitness as you may have noticed. They are about community. How healthy is our community? There are a few things I look at to assess the health of our community.

Class attendance is the first. While we are a community that goes beyond fitness, we are still a community that is about fitness. The best way to get fit here is to show up to class. When you don’t come you become less fit and the community suffers, not to mention it is a waste of your money. Please come to class, we want you here.

Special events attendance is another vital sign that indicates community health. One thing that CF gyms offer that sets them apart from other gyms is the opportunity to hang with your fellow athletes outside of the class setting. These events are so fun. There is just not enough time in class to chat. Upcoming are two such events. We have our nutrition class on August 27th at 10 AM and our Labor Day party on Monday September 5th at 2 PM. Attend both of these. You won’t be sorry.

Class atmosphere is another great indicator of the health of the community. The CF class atmosphere should be fun, encouraging, lively, supportive, competitive and challenging. This atmosphere is created by the athletes and the coaches. Our coaches do a great job of setting the stage for this type of atmosphere and you all do a great job of continuing it. Keep it up!

Blog participation is another important part of our community. The comments section on the blog is there for you to use. It is a place for you to post your times and impressions of the WOD. It is also there for you to give your impressions of the blog subject of the day. It is not meant only for people who RX the WOD or are our “best” athletes. We can learn from everyone’s experience. Tell us what you did right, what you did wrong and how you felt about it. If you had a huge PR or passed a huge milestone let us celebrate with you. If you “hit a wall” mid WOD and were way off of a PR or a personal goal, let us know. The community will help numb the sting just a bit and encourage you to keep training hard and go get it next time. If your time or performance is not as good as another athlete’s time don’t let that be a deterrent. Wear your time with pride. You earned it. It was your best effort that day. So feel good about it.


Eight rounds for time of:
185 pound Front squat, 5 reps
26 Ring push-ups

Post time to comments.


26 Responses

  1. JV you and your family have created an amazing community. We moved to the area in October of 2009 and were lucky enough to find CFS. I had an immediate connection to the community and a group of people with similar interests, values and goals. I had been in the San Diego area for 16 years and being a part of CFS made the transition to the Puget Sound an easy move for me and my family. I may not make it to the Nutrition chat (Mary’s Birthday is the 27th) but will definitely be at the BBQ 🙂

  2. I have been gone a fair amount this summer, and I feel my absence of the community being described. I continue to be a part of CFS for the challenge, and the community. Great athletic family…summer playtime is almost over (did it ever start?), and back to business!

  3. Glenn, the Duffys are trying to figure out a way to get to your event on the 5th. Will let you know by the 1st for sure if we can do it. Thanks for hosting!!!

    • Hope you all can make it. Smoked meaty goodness awaits. Ribs, brisket, who knows what else we will throw on the smoker.

  4. 32:21 Rx’d
    Oiy! Oiy! Holy shoulder fatigue batman!
    Great challenge of pushing max effort through fatigue (for me at least), last round ended in a few singles and 4-5mins. Probably should’ve scaled 3/4->2/3 reps for best intensity (pushed that rule of thumb of ‘resting more than working’), but fun to push the limit some days.

    Big efforts this morning pushing through fatigue, some well earned sweat angels.

  5. I do crossfit because I like the workouts, the concepts and results. Though it’s those community vital signs that change crossfit from something good, to something awesome. And I think with Jeff and CFS, a little special. I’m always amazed at the collection of people at CFS and how they are “just good people.” I still don’t know how Jeff attacts them so well.

    Back in Colorado my rugby team was kind of my escape and place where I’d recharge. My local team is good at rugby, but really CFS is where I get that positive energy recharge. After a tough day I just enjoy coming in and leaving the other challenges at the door, if only for 60mins.

    I love seeing how people do on the blog, as Jeff said, not only those great days, but also love seeing where someone crashed, or especially the first time someone rx’s a movement for the first time (I think rx’d pull ups almost deserve a bar mitzvah 🙂 )
    Thanks CFS for the positive energy when I’m stressed about other challenges in life.

  6. Great last workout. 75# for the front squat got hard fast. Knees with the push ups. 16:34.

    Jeff, did you have to do a post on the great community for my last day? 😦 I can’t wait to be back in December, and I’ll try to keep up all alone at college.

    • It’s been great to have you around working hard and those early hours (minus your “sleeping stretch” :-D). Enjoy the great adventures at college. Did you remember to tell your parents that a 1pood Kettlebell and set of rings were required materials?

    • Good luck taryn! See ya soon.

  7. Taryn,
    You will be missed! You are a great athlete and more importantly, a great person. Keep commenting on the blog to let us know of your CF, school and swimming progress. You will be missed!

  8. 20:15???
    105# front squats
    Scaled push ups 13 per round


    Smoker sounds awesome. I’m in…..let me check the schedule and I will RSVP soon.

  9. 30:00 – thank you cut off! 6 rounds + 7 push ups
    115# front squats
    13 ring push ups per round

    Wow, 9:15 moved fast today, nice job everybody!

    I use the blog as an online notebook. I use the “compare to here’s” or look up other tags so I can figure out what I did last time and get myself pumped up so I can improve this time. Yeah, go CFS!

  10. OMG that was hard! My push ups gave out fast, too. My time was (roughly, I kinda forgot 🙂 ) 15:50.

    Good job to everyone at the 9:15 class this morning! Everyone was working extremely hard!

    Go CFS!! Our gym communtiy is really enspiring, and it makes me want to work harder.

  11. OH MY, my arms are still shaking! Got in my 8 rounds but it was HEAVILY scaled and involved a rubberband leash! Thanks to my lovely knee I did box squats with 20# dumbbells. I think it was 16:32.

    Now that I am done with my Tri I can commit to CFS, it was hard to find time for both and in order not to die the day of my Tri, that training won out over CFS! I look forward to training with all of you!

  12. 19:30 125# front squats. Last day before Amy’s off to college. Dad got to have lunch with his “little girl”….perfect day.

  13. I will not be able to come to the Nutrition class – out of town…but am trying to work out coming to the Labor Day bash. Sounds awesome!!!

  14. Good luck Amy! We will miss you. Keep us updated on what’s going on in your life on the comments section.

  15. 105 lbs fs, 18 ring push ups per round, 23:xx

  16. Amy-
    I am going to miss you while you are @ college, you are a great person…and very fun to be around! I am SO happy that you go to our gym, wherever you are it is always a way better place to be. Have fun, and we will be SO SO SO excited to see you when you come back. Keep us posted on how it is!


  17. 24:14 rx’d

    I’m in complete amazement at Brads ability to crank out the ring push ups! Nice work Brad, you’re a good “rabbit” to chase, otherwise I don’t think I would have pushed so hard.

  18. Well one of the things that I really liked when I learned about this gym through my first sessions was community. I think it is great to actually get to know people! I know my attendance has been sketchy as I try to figure out how to work this into my normal routine. Honestly it is still intimidating to have so many new exercises and techniques to learn and strength to gain. That said, all the trainers have been so helpful with scaling and technique tips and everybody working out is always supportive and offering up their tips & tricks, which makes it so much easier. I’m looking forward to the nutrition class and Labor Day. Thanks for creating and encouraging community and fitness.

  19. 19:19 modified – 157# FS , 26x 20″ box jump
    (no push us on this shoulder!)
    Thanks for the modification Jeff

  20. OMGosh this one is a burner, even after scaling! 37min.
    FS- started at 115# – knees hurt after first round, scaled to 105# next two rounds, finally had to drop it to 100# for the last five rounds:(
    Ring pushups – 13 per round.

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