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August 26th, 2011


Many of you know Taryn (especially the darklifters!). She is our college swimmer gal who destroys you every time we do a WOD with sit ups and has great overhead flexibility due to some of the positions swimming regularly puts her in. Ah yes, now you remember her! Well, she is off to college and often posts her WODs to comments to keep us up to date on her progress. Great community member Taryn! If you would like another way to keep tabs on her you should check out her blog. It is a blog for young writers and she occasionally writes about CrossFit. It is always fun to see what you all do outside the gym. Believe it or not  most of us do things other than sweat, bleed and complain about the 800m run in the warm up (ouch, that was a cheap shot :)).

Post shout-outs to Taryn and non-CrossFit activities you take part in to comments!

Shoulder Press 5-5-5-5-5 reps

Loads to comments.

Compare to here.


Tabata sit ups and Tabata KBS (72#/53#)

Post total reps completed for both exercises to comments.


11 Responses

  1. Press 5RM: 145
    (115-135-145-145 w/ dead stops every rep)
    Happy just to work on getting good aggressive reps today. I had/have a lot of bad habits on press and finally working them out.

    137 reps Rx’d for the Tabata (76/61) KBS Tabata horrid. Usually KBS are easy to just start smart and get the rhythm, but the start/stop was killer!

    • It was nice to a see a two armed Ellen getting those squats low, I’m guessing a bit more comfortable with a unrestricted second arm. Cam was working his way nicely up those presses, awkward that first time out!

      • Thanks Shawn – couldn’t have done it without Jeff’s help – it actually felt like i did it right today. about time.

      • Thanks! It’s a weird feeling as I’ve never been too comfortable with heavy weights, but it feels good to gain a bit more confidence with the press. I think I got 75 on the press if I remember correctly.

    • was thinking of my non-crossfit activities and I was missing my dad a little as I was remembering that I’m a bit outdoor ADD because of my dad. We tried everything, something he didn’t do growning up so it was brand new to him as well. (which is why I think he would’ve liked CF)
      This past year’s had rock climbing, hiking, mtn climbing, sea kayak, mtn biking, skiing, scuba, snorkel, snow shoe, couple ‘dash’s, fish, hopefully some canyoneering in Oct and of course rugby.
      I don’t do those weekly or anything, and definitely not expert at any of them, but I get to have fun because my Dad showed (by example) that you can try anything.

      Thanks Dad!

  2. Press 5RM: 135lbs
    Tabata total: 143 rx’d (94/49) – Tabata 2pood KBS are tough!

  3. Press 5RM: 75
    (55,65,75, 80 (F on 4.5 rep arg)

    152 Tabata reps rx’d (104, 48). Thank goodness Joey and Zoey were on either side of me, I was trying to keep up with both of them and I got a sit up pr!

    Fantastic Friday in the gym! So fun watching everyone get their lifts then grunt out the tabatas! Nice work Kandi on your press!

    • Thanks, Annie!
      Press 5RM, worked up to 80# (last rep was ugly)
      151 Tabata reps – RXd (thanks to Andrea) I was only going to do the 44# kb and then saw Andrea pick up the 53#. Thanks for your motivation! Yikes, that was heavy!

  4. Bradley was on the list today. I struggled through 5 rounds with Blue band pull ups in 27:09. I could really feel the effects of four days worth of undisciplined nutritional intake and 1k butt miles for time in an SUV (Rx’ed)

    Nice to read the updates from Taryn, I wish I had met her at one of my very infrequent darklifter visits. Her dedication to WOD’ing it up is inspiring and motivates me to do more when i am traveling.

    As far as life outside of CF, apart from my family, I love airplane noise. Flying in them, taking pictures of them, looking at them, thinking about building them, deciding which ones i would buy if i won the lottery, thinking of places to go if i had one, teaching my girls to fly one, touching them…you get the idea. I really like airplanes. When i was three I used to sit on my Dad’s lap while he flew his airplane (Cherokee 180) and make my sister barf while she sat in the back seat. I Soled at 16 and got my pilots license on my 17th birthday. I am not current at this time but am thinking about dusting off the log book and getting current. I better go buy lottery tickets.

  5. Hey, that’s me! Thanks, Jeff 🙂

    5RM: 65 (not a best, but I didn’t want to risk going too heavy without bounce weights)

    Tabata for situps: 116 (Idk if I did it right . . . I did 20 secs on, 10 off, 8x through)
    Tabata for back extensions: 92 (same thing)

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