August 30th, 2011

Cod Liver Oil

As we learned yesterday most of our diets could use more Omega 3 fatty acids. We could also benefit from more fat soluble vitamins, specifically vitamins A, D and K. Cod liver oil is a great way to boost both your Omega 3’s and your fat soluble vitamins, especially if it is combined with high vitamin butter oil. With any fish oil product it is very important to get the highest quality to be sure you are getting high nutrient content and also to ensure that it hasn’t been heated during processing, which damages the heat sensitive poly-unsaturated fats. Check out the brand we buy (pictured above) here.

Five rounds for time of:
185 pound Deadlift, 15 reps
15 Toes to bar

Post time to comments.


16 Responses

  1. 17:20 rx’d
    T2b suck when your hands still have open wounds from “gator”. 😦

    And yes!…….you can call the waaaambulance.

  2. 10:10 -mod
    GHD SU sub T2B

  3. 9:25 with knees to shoulder (most of the time anyway) instead of T2B. 52lb deadlift. I’m still learning to figure out weights. I think I need to go a little heavier than I think I can and just take more quick breaks in the later rounds.

  4. Beach WOD: 22:58
    Run length and back of Makaha beach. Before every minute of running, do 5 burpees, 10 push ups, 15 air squats. Time doing burpee/pu/squats count in total time but does not count against min of running. (10ish rounds done)

  5. 18:07 Rx’d

    It was all about the T2B’s today.

  6. 12:18 Rx’d Almost talked myself out of the 185# deadlifts but I’m glad I didn’t.

  7. 8:04 Rx’d

  8. 17:02 rx’d

    Like Brad, I almost talked myself out of the rx’d dl too, still feeling exhausted from yesterday. But glad I didn’t.

  9. I didn’t even watch the clock, I was too busy contemplating the theories of taping my hands vs. gloves vs. bleeding hands 🙂 I would love to say I did T2B but it was more knee ups but I will take it! I did 112# on the deadlift though, I am sure my back will remind of that later!

    Good job working out in Hawaii Shawn, the class wasn’t the without your crazy weights getting thrown around!

  10. 14:24- rxd
    Gary and Duane – nice work with the toes to bar!
    Kris and Brooke you guys are amazing. I loved being pregnant but was exhausted all the time and you both are always in the gym consistently working hard! Your babies are going to be superhuman! 🙂

  11. 17:48
    DL = 155#.

    Did some T2B with kip, but eventually that all fell apart when my forearms got pumped – it was all about survival after that.

    Makaha huh? I grew up on that side of the island.

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