September 19th, 2011

Happy Birthday Carlie!

Happy birthday Carlie girl. I can’t believe you are 5. You are growing into such a special big girl! I love you!



Five rounds for time of:
35 Double-unders
Run 200 meters

Post time to comments.


30 Responses

    Hope you have a great day!
    Can’t believe you are already 5 – I remember when you were just a bit older than Tater.

  2. If I had 25 cents for everytime that Carlie smiles I would have 25 cents. Little Carlie makes the room light up. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  3. Happy Birthday, Carlie! You are so big now! I am glad that I get to see you so often because you are really funny, smart, and an awesome reader! Can’t wait to sing “Happy Birthday” to you in person!
    ~Flubber 😀

  4. Happy 5th Carlie! From the Roughton clan!

  5. 12:23 Rx (Gotta get those Rx when I can)

    Thanks for another good morning workout.

    Happy 5th Birthday Carlie.

  6. 8:34 Rx’d
    Great positve push with Jim and Brad. I would’ve encouraged more but didn’t have any extra wind.
    I was impressed with Andrea’s and Ben’s determination to ‘get the most out of it.’ Somedays DU’s are evil. Ben was absolutely flying on the run and when Andrea modded to SU’s, she pushed big giant sets out rather than coasting.

    Happy Birthday Carlie!

  7. Would anybody be interested if I set up the Double Under Challenge again? Perhaps I’ll organize it a little more properly this time. Maybe a big bottle of chocolate milk when you reach your goal (my treat)?

    • I’ll be the first to admit I made the most gains when we did your challenge. Now if I could just translate that into a WOD. Seriously though, at this point I’d rather just buy du’s. I’ll pay top dollar!

    • I was just thinking about your DU challenge this afternoon. I was trying to remember how you structured it. I’d love to do it if you’re willing to organize it again. Great job today everyone!

      Happy birthday beautiful Carlie!

    • Chocolate milk?!? Can I do the double under challenge with you guys?

  8. 17:47

    Hard wod this am, I was trying so hard not to send negative vibes out so sorry if it leaked out to those around me. It was after the thought of burning down CFS went through my mind I decided it was time for some su’s. Congrats to everyone rx’ing today, someday you du’s.

  9. Happy Birthday, Carlie!!

  10. 19:58 – counted missed DU in #’s

    No, todays WOD was not some monster like “Jerry” or “Bull” or the like. No, today was 35 DU and a 200m run…well, I’d like to rename this WOD…”DUck” is my suggestion. Yes DUck just about says it all…DUck, DUck, DUck.

    My new mission – DU
    Shawn, I am in…DU every day.

    Today was not fun for me…but great job LARGE 5:30 class – inspiring!

  11. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Carlie! You are growing up Waaaaay too fast.

    17:58 subbed tuck jumps for DU. I hate tuck jumps. The 200m run was just the right length (No Laughing). I did not get too winded but was able to push a little harder than usual.

    Despite custom made Rouge jump rope double unders seem to completely escape me. I am in for the DU challenge. How bout we start it off with a DU clinic after a Saturday class where the collective DU world can trickle down their vast DU knowledge to the NON DU masses.

    Great job to those at the Fire-Police Challenge in Kirkland Sunday, everyone looked like they gave it their all. Pictures to follow.

  12. 8:31 rx’d

    Happy Birthday Carlie!

  13. HAPPY BIRTHDAY CARLIE JOY!!! we have a date today at the American doll store!! I cant wait!!


  14. Happy B-day Carlie. Enjoy the trip to little girl heaven/American Girl store.

  15. Happy birthay Carlie! You’re smile is infectious!!!

    All girls again this morning, though a smaller group. Way to persevere Wendy!

    9:40 rx Glad you didn’t burn down the gym today Andrea! (Miss you!)

    • It sounds rather ridiculous now, but this morning it was so clear what I needed to do. But, I thought about how much you would rock the wod and I switched to su’s. Nice job!!! Miss you & 9:15!

  16. Certainly not claiming that I have double unders mastered but would love to help anyone out that I can. It took me a long time before Jeff told me a couple of pointers and after that it came pretty quick. If anyone is interested in hanging around the 9am class this Saturday I would love to offer any help or suggestions that I can. I am confident that we will all be killing this workout before Christmas!!! Stay Postive!!!! We got this

  17. 10:40 rx’d
    (my first time not counting attempts).

    Count me in for the DU challenge, even though I curse them. With a lot of helpful tips from the coaches (and others sympathetic to my pain) I’m slowly starting to get it; however, not consistently. What helped most was Ryan’s tip about learning the D-S-D first (recommended). Helped A LOT with just getting the timing and technique down and was less frustrating than going straight into linking doubles (and they still count in WOD’s). But until I can do them like Chris Spealler, I have a long way to go –

    To be 5 again…I just get to look forward to that one with the 0 after it. Happy Birthday Carlie!!

  18. Nothing like a wod to force you to learn a movement! After 2 1/2 years of trying I finally strung together 3 stretches of 10 consecutive DUs! Thanks for all the advise John and Chris… same stuff Jeff told me before, just started to click tonight.

    oh yeah, Joey lapped me after the first round – way to go! 17:54.

  19. 16:06 rx’d

    Strung together the mist double unders I have ever. I could definitely use some pointers. Any classes would be welcomed.

  20. Happy Birthday Carlie! I miss seeing your smiling face at the gym and church 🙂

  21. Great job today everyone! I must say the determination behind double unders is amazing—great work 4:15 class! Fun group!

    And a huge thank you to our great supporters yesterday at the Police Fire Challenge. It was great to have you all there to cheer us on. We have so many fantastic people in this gym! I was definitely proud to be a CFS member, especially with my stellar teammates!

    9:17 Rx’d today

    • Happy happy birthday Carlie!! You are such a sweet girl and we are all lucky to know you! Hope you enjoyed your special day!

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