September 28th, 2011

10 minutes to establish a 1 rep max Turkish Get Up with any object (barbell, dumbell, kettlebell etc.)

Post loads, object and which arm you used to comments.


4 rounds for time of:

60′ Bear Crawl

30 4′ Broad Jumps(across the width of a floor mat equals 1 rep, then turn around and jump back for second rep)

400m run

Post time to comments.

WOD courtesy of J-Ro.


13 Responses

  1. The Turkish Get Up was interesting – I played with different 44-45 lb objects and both arms but didn’t go above that – almost beaned myself with the Kettlebell on the non-dominant arm – watch it!

    18:15 with the (awful) row sub at 500m, this was not my favorite WOD but it didn’t abuse any specific muscle groups which was nice.

  2. Turkish Get Up: 53lb KB (right arm), 60lb barbell (right-arm)

    Rx’d: 15:55

  3. The genius of most J-Ro WODs is that they don’t destroy any one part of you. Instead, they take you apart piece by piece.

    I did a WOD at CrossFit Aspire in Cherry Hill, New Jersey today:

    Back Squat 5, 5, 5

    50 Mountain Climbers
    15 Front Squats w/155#s (apprx 50% of back squat weight)
    50 Double Unders
    40 Mountain Climbers
    12 Front Squats
    40 Double Unders
    30 Mountain Climbers
    9 Front Squats
    30 Double Unders

    I got up to 315# X 5 on the back squats, which I think is a PR (can’t recall the last time I did a 5 rep set of back squats). Then the direction that we were given for the front squats was to use a weight that was about 50% of the back squat 5 rep weight.

    High rep mountain climbers in a WOD are horrible. They killed me! As did going straight from them right into heavy front squats. Time 13:48.

  4. TGU 1RM: 2pood Kettlebell and 75lbs barbell
    MetCon WOD: 14:09 Rx’d
    Good fun, thought I was going to dislike J-ro until we realized it was only 4′ jumps. Chased Ben until the last 100m. And great to have Casey in the morning two days in a row, always good to be graced with your WODing.

  5. TGU – 53# KB – shakey shoulder…but getting better!
    WOD – 14:16 Rx
    Really liked this WOD…something completely different! Thought I had Shawn until the last 100m+, and then he downshifted and all I could see was his blinker pull away into the dark! Inspiring me for “next time”. Nice work.

    Great job everyone @ 5:30 today…49* and dark is worth something extra today

  6. TGU 44# left arm 53# right arm (definitely right side dominant)
    15:34 rx’d I think I should have picked up the pace on the 400’s instead of trying to pace myself in the worry of burning out. I definitely feel like I could do it faster. But not at ryan’s pace, I was not about to draft him. 🙂

  7. TGU – 35# (cool movement, hope we get to do this again)

    16:20 Rx’d

    It was tempting to turn those last couple runs into a walk.

  8. TGU- 40#, very fun!

    I just wanted to puke so bad on those broad jumps.

  9. Turkish get up: 97 lb barbell with right arm.
    13:20 with the 500 meter row.

  10. Joey- 11:38!!!
    Wasn’t sure if he was going to post it so I had to share. He absolutely killed it.

    • Thanks jeff. I hadn’t been on the blog after that wod but I think everyone should know I wouldn’t have been able to beat Ryan without you helping pace me. Thanks again!

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