October 4th, 2011


One thing I love about this gym, well let me rephrase that, the main thing I love about this gym is the people. It is so great to be able to bring my kids around the gym and people love them like they were their own. There are so many classy people who set such a great example of what an adult should be that I just want my kids to be around the gym. Joyce is one of those people. This last week she took time out of her busy schedule to teach two of our kids about some real food prep, which, as you know, is of high value in the Vale household. Joyce and the girls spent about 3 hours peeling, cutting and canning peaches and pears. The girls had a great time and they are so excited about their finished product, that we are going to have to talk to Joyce about canning again very soon! Thanks, Joyce for investing in our family and our gym.


Complete three rounds for time of:
40 pound Dumbbell snatch, 21 reps, right arm
21 L Pull-ups
40 pound Dumbbell snatch, 21 reps, left arm
21 L Pull-ups

Post time to comments.

These are squat not power snatches.

Compare to here or here.


10 Responses

  1. I’m so jealous I didn’t get the invite!!

    • I’ve got another box of fruit to can if ANYONE (Vales?) wants to come help. BTW, those Vale girls aren’t just sweet. They’re good with knives and dishes!

  2. 30:00 min timed out! I got into the 3rd round but even there I was substituting a lot. For the record, 1st round did 21 strict Pull ups w/ blue band w/ 1 min Plank, 2nd 3rd round 15 PUs, 25# on the DBs had a shoulder issue on left & Jeff suggested (in spite of my protests) to do a clean on left / snatch on right. Probably a good idea but would have liked to do the full snatch. Great opportunity to push, real impressed w/ Shawn and Jim doing the L Pullups!

    Come on in and try this!

  3. got cut off at 30mins (good thing 🙂 ) with 2.5 rounds done.
    Tried to be ambitious with pull up scaling and just wasn’t the best choice, progressively scaled more throughout.
    Being ambitious is good, but for me on this movement, I think I’ve been lying to myself a little on strict pull ups regarding range of motion, thus stunting my progress lately. So today was a good day to stop halfway through (thanks Jeff for not letting things slide!) and just “re-approach/re-start” work on getting full perfect pull ups and make progress up from there. I’m actually happy with the effort today, and “best effort” days are still totally beneficial, just hard to measure. 🙂
    Note to self: A good choice today would’ve been 4 perfect strict ups per 21 set.

    Jim was his impressive “too wide shoulder” self today. Very impressive! Just has to learn to love the uncomfortable feeling again. 🙂 Luckily at Jim’s request, tomorrow will be running, wall balls and box jumps.

  4. 25:39 scaled I think (don’t remember)
    20 total L PU per round split 10 and 10
    15# db 1st round did snatch squat, 2nd round moved to over head dumbbell squat to work on flexibility since the snatch looked and felt horrible…..form, form, form.

  5. Glad to see my mom found new canning companions/helpers! 🙂

  6. 22:08
    (scaled – 12# DBS, 6 LPU or 12 per round)

    Lot of scaling for me, but man, I think I sweat out a liter at least (as usual). Never tried L sit ups before today. Glad I got through what I did.

  7. The Vale girls are in for round 2 Joyce. Lets pick a date. We had the peaches today with dinner. Delish!

  8. Compare to: Feb ’09 – 2 rounds of 21 R-DBSS 5 lbs, 21 SU, 21 RR (repeat for L) in 28:47. Oct ’11 same 2 rounds in 16:00 and the 3rd round finished in 24:19. 180% increase in fitness, I’m happy about that – thanks Jeff!!

    Speaking of Jeff… this is a great community of people that didn’t just happen by accident. Thanks to Jeff & Charity for building and fostering this great community!

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