Ocotber 5th, 2011

“In honor of Jim

6 rounds for time of:

200m run

8 Wall ball shots

10 Box jumps

12 Push ups


14 Responses

  1. I am assuming we need to use the Armani 30# Ball and use a 30″ box to RX it.

  2. Now that’s funny and mean all at the same time. I don’t care who you are. 🙂

    • That’s not mean….that’s funny!!!

    • Certainly not intended to be mean. I love the way Jim Rolls 🙂

      • This morning Jim asked what tomorrow’s WOD would be. Jeff asked what he wanted he thought he was making a joke when he replied “run”. Furthing the joke with wall balls and box jumps. (Jim’s favs!) Apparently little did we know Jeff was going to take it and run with it… literally. That’s the mean (+awesomeness) part.

  3. LOL – I almost spit my eggs out this morning when I saw this.
    Thanks Jim….I just wish I could see the Armani tank again, it has been way to long.

    Looks like a fun wod.

  4. 15:35 Rx
    Jim should joke more often…enjoyed this one. Harder then it looks, especially when you have a 5:30 class filled with athletes! Great job Mark, Jim & Shawn…Next time…matching tanks!

  5. So now we need the WODA (Attire) for the sessions? My kids have been telling me to ditch the red running shorts, but shirt too, blast – my wife says I have too many now). I submit that a white shirt makes more sense for the dark! I almost ran into Jim on one of the returns (though it may have been oxygen debt…)
    I really liked this WOD though I hate being last! This is a good test of “what have you got”. Almost “Rx’d” it – went back to the 14# ball on the last two rounds but first time for the 20#, I still need to work on the height – always something to improve! I hope we do this again – Thanks Jim (& Jeff)!

  6. That tank in the pic is so baller! I may need to go buy one…

  7. 14:34 Rx’d (+DUx21 check)
    Morning full of awesomeness. A rare boy’s morning. Jim did in fact wear the legendary tank top this morning, working through the anti-jim wod in style. Ben’s comment of “I was looking at the WOD wondering what was wrong with my ipad” and some of the best non-coach box jumps I’ve seen. And Mark’s clear max effort to finish strong, always love someone pushing into “uncomfortable” for the last reps.
    And a great WOD to boot, gets yet another variety we don’t often get.

  8. 24:31 with 20# Ghetto Dynamax ball and 20″ Box. Push ups really slowed me down. I think all runs should be 200m, I actually understand what Jeff means by “active rest” on the 200m runs.

    Jim is so Baller. I think we all know what our next batch of CFS t-shirts should look like. Think about it, when was the last time you saw a CF Armani muscle shirt?

  9. 17:30
    (scaled – 14# WBS)

    One of these days I will be able to handle a 20# WB.

    Enjoyed this one – the workout AND the thread.

  10. I enjoyed that I Rx’d this work out but I must say I loved watching Delanie do some amazing burpees today

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