Product Review: Pumpkin Spice coffee

For all of us who prefer an IV coffee drip in the morning, here’s a great fall coffee courtesy of Trader Joes.  The reason why I appreciate this coffee is because it’s flavored with orange peel, cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, ground vanilla beans, and pumpkin spice oil.  Looking around, you’ll find other flavored coffees have added syrups and “flavor drops” to achieve their distinctive tastes.

This coffee gets a two thumbs up at the Stein household.  Interestingly, once we ran out we couldn’t buy another can, it was time to go back to our normal coffee.

Anyone else tried this coffee yet?  Let me know.

Drink well, Friends,



One Response

  1. Karisa and I have been shopping at Trader Joe’s a couple times in the last couple weeks, and this coffee is the free sample in the back of the store. So, while she is making sure I’m eating right, I’m drinking all the free coffee I can get. This coffee is pretty Good!! It definitely gives you that warm “Fall” feeling…..and don’t forget to pick up a 6 pack of “Simpler Times” for $3.99!!.. J/K….or maybe not. 🙂

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