October 14th, 2011

Recovery Part 4: Quantifying Recovery

We are big on tracking our fitness. We like statistics. Cold hard data to back our claims that we are the fittest we have ever been. This is quite easy to do with our WODs. Did you go faster? Did you get more rounds done? Did you lift more? If the answer is yes then you have statistical proof that you are improving your fitness. Recovery on the other hand is slightly more elusive. How helpful would it be to have some sort of mechanism for quantifying how well we are maintaining our “outside-the-gym” fitness? Well, the CrossFit Journal has put together a little resource that attempts to do just that (thanks Mark for bringing this to my attention). Check it out here and see how well recovered you are.

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21-15-9 of:

Hang power snatch, 115#/85#

Box Jumps 30″/24″

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7 Responses

  1. Fun workout, 10:53 I liked the stretch to a 30 inch box, I was intimidated and though I managed to practice it fine, I just did about 27 inches, but I’ve got confidence now for next time. The Snatch technique is continuing to improve but to do it without much stopping I did 75 after the first round at 85. I’d like to try it in a month or so, I’m sure there’d be significant improvement!

  2. Rx’d: 15:46 (the HPS’s felt super-heavy today)

  3. 9:48 Rx’d
    Didn’t start well of form, but got better with longer sets of HPS.
    If I may offer one bit of humble advice, try to improve every rep. Of course we always want best movement, but we often give into fatigue. But I think today more than others, working to get a better rep each time will pay off more than other days.

  4. 11:55 Rx
    9:15 class – “girl power hour” I hear it is called was a good class. Lots of good work done. Thanks for the coaching Casey.

    Have a great weekend CFS!

  5. 24 ” box jumps! Doesn’t seem that long ago I stepping up. I like it when my back and knees cooperate… Went a little too light on the weights though. Next time….


  6. Great article, I guess I need to pay attention to magnesum and potassium now. JV, were you just talking about this to someone? It sounds familiar…

  7. 8:26
    (scaled – 65# HPS)

    30″ box jumps were fun. Maybe should try 75# next time.

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