October 17th, 2011


21-15-9 reps of:
225 pound Deadlift
Handstand push-ups

Post time to comments.

Compare to here.


11 Responses

  1. 18:25 Rx
    2:1X PR since April – happy with my forward progress, but sill frustrated with how quickly I fail down to single rep HSPU’s.

    Solid output from both Ellen & Mark this morning…missing a few Darklifters this morning…Monday, Monday

    DU @ 12 – starting to get the hang of it 🙂

  2. 11:45 – 215#, 21 (2 mats) HSPU then went to the Box

    Form broke on the Deadlifts but I’m encouraged on how close I am to Rx, next time! The HSPUs are still a struggle getting up – wasted a lot of energy there, might have been able to stay with a bunch of mats if I got up better. Needed something between box and HSPUs.

    Unrelated: Did my first 5K trail run since foot injury (Sunday) – it felt fine in the injury area, did it in shoes but won’t again, my arches were hurting by end. Since I only wear VFF or slipper shoes, I’m assuming they couldn’t move with the loading but I guess it could have been just the longer run. Great to be able to do it again (also much faster than last time I ran it – yeah Crossfit).

  3. 8:34 massively scaled (jeff calle it a therapeutic workout) was nursing my lower back

    135 dl
    2 ab mats and a 5k plate. Hdpu are not easy.

  4. 25:00 scaled, grabbest the best time of the day (big=good right? 🙂 )
    HSPU w/ 10# plate
    Thanks Jeff for the support and push. Built up confidence for next time HSPU’s come around (i was sure I was going to hit a fail only point). First time wodding at 5:15pm in quite awhile. Good people, though the sunlight scares me. Congrats Andrea!! Mucho awesomeness!

  5. 13:45 – Scaled the HSPUs to 1 abmat

    Did the all the DLs unbroken which felt pretty darn good.

    The last time I did this same workout with the same scaling I did it in 19:15. This time I’m like 18 lbs heavier and got a 5:30 PR!

  6. Casey,
    Great job!

    First girl to rx Diane. NUFF SAID!!!


  7. 11:43
    (scaled – 1 ab mat for first 21 then 1 ab mat + 15# plate for rest, 175# for deadlift)

    Well done Annie! Is your last name Thorisdottir?

    • Ha! OMG, far from Iceland Annie! I’m pretty sure she does Diane in 2 mins, which means she could have done 11 Diane’s in my time.

  8. Nice work Steins!

  9. 22:10 rx’d

    I was most excited I did almost all my dl’s unbroken, that’s a first for me for sure!

    My first Diane was a 43#dl and on a 16″ box, if rx’ing Diane is your goal, believe me, it can happen!

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