October 21st, 2011

Run 1 mile for time

Rest precisely 3 minutes

Perform a max rep set of press, 105#/70#

Rest precisely 2 minutes

Complete as many box jumps in 1 minute as possible, 24″/20″

Rest precisely 1 minute

Perform a max set of consecutive Wall ball shots

Post mile time, press reps, box jump reps and wall ball shots to comments.

Press reps must be “touch and go” at the shoulders, ie. no resting in the rack position. Box jumps are standard box jumps meaning that the hips must be fully open on top of the box for the rep to count. Wall ball shots must be legit and consecutive, ie. all reps must have a full squat, hit the appropriate target and once the ball is received you must descend immediately into the squat. If any of these criteria are not met on any rep the max set is complete.


6 Responses

  1. Rx’d: 7:58, 8, 21, 30

    I didn’t read the box jump one close enough and just did a set of max reps instead of max reps in a minute.

  2. Rx’d: 7:20, 8, 25 ( 1 less than Joyce ) 31. Fun morning. My feet are still wet!

  3. RX’d: 8:46 (?), 6, 26, 18

    I could be making all these# up, I can’t remember now. Way to run in the rain 9:15! Fun WOD.

  4. Thanks for helping Wendy and I Rx it Casey! This one was fun in a weird sort of way.) Wendy and I did a couple presses at the rx weight, before moving back to our own bars with less (for some addtl work).

    Rx’d 7:40, 2 rx (5 other), 26, 21. Brad rocked the wall balls!

    Lots of good “mojo” with Gary and Andrea there too!

  5. 6:57 mile
    105# press x 10
    24″ box jumps 21
    20# wb 14

  6. 9:07 mile (I think)
    7 reps 75# press (thought it was 70#)
    21 box jumps (real ones-finally)
    31 wb

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