October 25th, 2011

Cold Season Part 2: Lifestyle

Like I said in my first installment of this series, this time of year comes with a whole host of issues that weaken the immune system and make us more vulnerable to viruses and secondary infections. Today we are going to tackle lifestyle issues. Stress, sleep, food and exercise are all big players when it comes to your health and consequently your immunity. The holiday season is wrought with circumstances that form an attack on these lifestyle issues. Stress is elevated during the holidays due to financial, family and scheduling issues no doubt. Prolonged stress can have many effects, but one major one is its effect on hormone levels such as cortisol. Cortisol is commonly called the “stress hormone.” It has a purpose, to help us respond to stress, however, when it is elevated too often for too long it begins to take its toll on your overall health, leading to weight gain, insulin resistance, poor memory and fatigue. Sleep, our second big factor, is under attack during the holiday season as well. Late nights shopping either online or at the mall, parties that run into the night and travel cause us to burn the candle later and later in to the evening when we should be going to bed, shortening our sleep and leaving us, again, hormonally imbalanced and under recovered opening the door to short and long-term illness. Our next  lifestyle component is food. Food is an obvious struggle during the holidays. Not only will all those high glycemic, gluten and anti-nutrient laden treats cause you to gain unwanted poundage they also virtually shut down our immune systems for a period of time. Finally, exercise. Well, in our holiday induced state of over-tiredness, under-recovery, stress, insulin resistance, busy-ness, jet lagged-ness who really wants to work out! This lack of exercise furthers the vicious cycle and before you know it every part of your lifestyle is a mess. It’s a wonder we are ever well during this time of year. What to do? First off, have a heightened state of awareness to these issues. If you start realizing these patterns setting in early they are much easier to remedy. Also, try to remember the heart and meaning behind each of the holidays and really live them rather than just survive them. Finally, go back to our “Quantifying Recovery” document to get a real sense of exactly how well you are living your life every day.


Ten rounds of:

SPRINT 100 meters (out 50m and back 50m) every 2 minutes on the minute.

During each 2 minute rest complete a set of 2 on shoulder press.

Post time of each sprint and load for the press to comments.

Warm up good for this one. The 100m sprints are a hamstring or calf pull waiting to happen!


7 Responses

  1. :15-:16-:16-:16-:16-:17-:16-:18-:17-:17 P@115#
    Fun morning-100m sprint is something different. Would like to see what my time would be without the turn around 🙂

  2. Sprints: 16,16,17,16,16,17,17,17,17,16
    Press 2x: 145,150,155,160F,155poor,155F,150,150step,150,150
    Good agro on the press, but definitely did not “own” it, some back arching.

    Great full out sprints by Casey/Ben/Mark. Showed in the heavy breathing and great consistent times! I highly encourage everything to go full out on every sprint, it’ll really make it worthwhile and there is Plenty of interval rest. If you’re not feeling gased after the first few, go faster (and push out of the turn).

  3. 18, 17, 17, 17, 17, 16, 16, 17, 17, 16
    Press @ 115lbs

  4. Wasn’t recording sprint times, probably 18-20 but pulled hamstring about round 6/7 and switched to push ups, also for shoulder issues did back squats at 185/195 which was 10 over my previous best and felt pretty good. I’d like to insert a picture of a severely crippled person here… geez it WILL get better.

  5. Sprints: ranged from 19-22s
    Press: 80# x 5 rounds then 85# last 5 rounds.

    We had fun trying to avoid collisions at the turnarounds. I liked that this was kind of a heavy day but with a twist.

  6. Sprints: ranged from 25 – 18’s
    Press: 70#

    I felt like they definately got easier as the rounds went on and we got more warm (and I pushed my way to the front of the pack). Dwayne, you kept me laughing at each turnaround because you were laughing. Fun WOD!

    • Love that you got faster (more aggressive) each round. Just something cool about that. I bet it was fun making progress each round.

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