October 27th, 2011

Shirts Again

Here is another shirt draft. Looking for more feedback. Alternate sayings? Images? Links to shirts you like? Post thoughts to comments.

10-8-6 of:

Power clean 185#/125#

Skin the Cat

Muscle up

Post time to comments.

The requirements for the rxed skin the Cat are that you start at the bottom of each rep with your arms extended (kipping is allowed) and finish the rep at the top with your hips passing over you until they are completely past the rest of your body. Be really careful at the finish position to not travel too far challenging the shoulder range of motion more than you can safely handle.


12 Responses

  1. 13:59, reduced weight but used wrist straps – no pain!, 2x ring dips/kipped(?) PUs (with bands). Casey was awesome with tech help on the power cleans (cleans are my worst nightmare). This was tougher than I thought but because of the “muscle up penalty substitute”.

    I need some company on Friday’s fellow Darklifters! I’m usually pretty beat by now but can’t make Saturdays generally, if we don’t populate this time I’m afraid it’ll be dropped.

    Shirts: I will wear whatever we come up with – I’m pretty proud of this group. But I’m not a “weights” guy, I like the aspect of going hard doing weird things, I appreciate the value of lifting but I think the focus of Crossfit is to do ANYTHING we want to do…better. That said, I’d prefer the prior picture of the “end result” than weights on the shirt. I googled images and found an idea of 3 panels showing silhouettes of a person doing some of our different workouts. So maybe a circle with 3 pie sections of a different workout in each?

    I may be overthinking this…

    • Great job Mark! I’m out of town until next week…but am looking forward to being back! See you then

    • Great job getting in and hard work.
      I was actually pretty bummed when I saw the wod last night and that it was my rest day. doh! Somedays I hate rest days (though I needed it!) Friday’s seem to change vary widely, I remember a 4-6 weeks ago we had a nearly ten. I’ll be back there in a few weeks!

    • Did everyone a favor and didn’t come in sick – should be good to go on Monday.

  2. Mark,
    Great input on the shirt. Thanks for thinking that through. No fun flying solo in the mornings!

  3. If I was to pick a shirt, I’d pick the first one. I like both though and would be happy with either.
    I would be curious about what other taglines people might like… but also infused with that awesome Vale direction/energy for CFS.

  4. 23:51 Rx’d

    I would also pick the prior shirt version over this one, but like both of them and would wear both. I thought with all the bald, nearly bald and shaved heads in our gym, the graphic with a bald man on the prior shirt seemed appropriate to represent our gym.

    I really like the font and placement of the ‘CROSSFIT SNOHOMISH’ across the bottom edge on this shirt version though. Looks cool. I think the graphic on the shirt would look better if it was just the barbell and not the barbell + kettlebells. Although I have nothing against kettlebells.

    I take that back, I am not a fan of the 2 pood KB.

  5. I like the previous shirt better than this one. I like the saying and think it represents the gym. I prefer the main graphic on the back and a small logo on the front or bottom. Seems to be cooler the few days it is hot up here.

    One of the things i don’t like about the current shirt (The ones at the gym now) is the BIG “Crossfit” and the small “Snohomish” I like the fact that the “Snohomish” is more prominent on the current designs.

  6. Mad props to Joey, who did all 24 of the muscle-ups in this WOD during the 5:15 class!

  7. Good input everyone!

    Great job getting all those MU in!

  8. 22:08
    (scaled – 90# PC, 1 MU rep = 2 ring dip + 2 pull up)

    Skin the cats – I felt like throwing up to be honest.

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