December 5th, 2011

For time:

Run 6000m

Row 4000m

Break the runs and rows up into any distances and any order you want.

Post total time to comments.


12 Responses

  1. Scaled this to a 3 mile run: 27:47

  2. I just did a 30 min workout on the tread / kayak machine at home – wasn’t up for a lot of 400m loops and then rows. Sorry guys – it was warmer in my workout room. Also I’ll be on a bus. trip T/W mornings, have fun without me.

  3. 48:21 Rx’d
    Broke it up into 5 rounds of
    1200 m run
    800 m row.
    Thank you Ryan for letting me finish the wod. Nice work to all the ladies at 9:15. Everyone just kept moving.

  4. 54:27 rxd

    Row 1,333m
    Run 3000m
    Row 1,333m
    Run 3000m
    Row 1,333m

  5. Joyce and I braved the cold and did the 10K it was actually really nice to get the fresh air. plus got a great workout with all the hills. thanks Joyce 🙂

    • Thanks for letting me draft behind you Wendy! Can say I’ve finally completed my first 10 K ever. The weather was perfect for it.

  6. 4x
    800m run
    25 double unders
    Awesome job 4:15, you guys rock!

  7. 346 reps (85-65-64-65-67)
    5 rounds for reps
    1min 1 leg row
    1min Sit Ups
    1min Ring Rows 1 leg
    1min Ring Push Ups 1 leg
    1min V-ups (not pretty)
    1min Strict(ish) push ups
    thanks Jeff for a great wod that definitely hit the goal of pushing volume (minus my failed pull ups).

  8. 51:29 Rx
    Liked the running more then rowing. Good solid workout.

  9. 64 min. I did the 10k run at home… cold out there!

    • First time I’ve ran this far in one stretch since high school, was pleasantly surprised I made it through this.

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