December 19th, 2011

Three rounds for time of:
Row 1000 meters
Run 800 meters
Post time to comments.


11 Responses

  1. 25:21 Rx (pretty sure that was my time)
    Do not love Rowing, so this is a good mix of exercises for me. Worked on technique in rowing: pace, stroke…looking for efficiency. Great job 5:30.
    Merry Christmas CFS!

  2. 27:47
    I’ll fess up, I walked a few yards on the last run (with no one around), I’m still waiting for the instant improvement in endurance, I’ve done CF now for about 6 months, shouldn’t I be “there”? 😉 Actually I’m very pleased with the program, trainers and where I am, I just want the transition to be faster.

    Great group of people encouraging each other at 5:30 – are all the groups this great?

    • Mark –

      In both my personal experience and from watching and training people in the gym, it is usually the athletes biggest weaknesses that get better before their relative strengths. If endurance was a relative strength of yours (compared to everything else) when you started, then you may see that your weaker areas (overall strength, muscular endurance, etc.) improve much faster than your endurance.

      Also, scaling correctly can play into the overall benefit that you get from each WOD too. Before I joined CF Snohomish and prior to attending my level one CF trainer class, I often went too heavy in most WODs than I was ready to handle with good form and without breaking the reps up too much. I thought that if I could complete a rep or two of an exercise with the Rx’d weight, than I should go ahead and Rx the WOD. Unfortunately, this does not lead to as much overall benefits from each WOD. Instead, you might only build some strength and experience modest endurance increases (cardio vascular or local, muscular endurance).

      I repeated this mistake over and over again when I trained on my own and had stalled out in some areas for 6-9 months before I figured it out. When I started scaling more often, my progress overall really took off.

      Hope that helps! You definitely have gotten stronger since you joined 6 months ago! So maybe you are right on the verge of some big endurance increases.

  3. 26:01 rx’d
    Way to push 5:30!

  4. 25:48 with 400m runs and 1000m rows.

  5. 26:17 rx’d Great 5:30 class. Thought about running to Annie’s house and getting some pancakes.

  6. Always a good day when I can almost beat Joey (and Brad as it turns out) at ANYTHING. 26.32 Rxd.

  7. 27;11 rx’d

    I really dislike rowing but came because Casey’s voice got stuck in my head. “work on weakness! Don’t run from it.”

  8. 28:30 Rx’d

    Great cardio day.

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