January 2nd, 2012

“Dae Han”

Three rounds for time of:
Run 800 meters with a 45 pound barbell
15 foot Rope climb, 3 ascents
135 pound Thruster, 12 reps

Post time to comments.


17 Responses

  1. 27:27
    95# thrusters.

  2. 30:59 95# thrusters.
    Jimmy did great today. Couldn’t keep up the pace.

  3. 22:15 (MOD)
    3 rope climbs
    800 meter run (no bar)
    95# thruster
    3 rounds
    Thrusters fell apart after the first 6. Definately need to work on technique. Class was huge this morning, ALOT of people working hard.
    Way to rx this one “MATT N.”

  4. 24:50 Scaled
    Run 400m with 35lb Barbell
    3 beginner rope ascents from ground to standing up
    75# Thrusters

    I hate running. I hate running with a 35# barbell even more. In the spirit of the Hero WOD i felt like i had to run with something. Did a lot of fast walking as finding a way to carry the bar was difficult for me. tried farmer walks with each hand, OHS style and over my shoulders kind of like a Back Squat. all worked for a little while then i got tired. Should have doubled or tripled the rope ascents.

    Thank you for your sacrifice Dae Han.

    • I know how much you hate running and thus really appreciate that you grabbed something in the spirit of a Hero WOD, and a significant something at that. Good work!

  5. 26:45 – 1000m row, 3 rope climbs, 77# thrusters – x3

  6. 22:49 (i think)
    3 rounds
    8 push ups & 16 sit ups: 3 rounds per overall round
    12 Ring Rows (tried rope progressions on ring straps but too slick)
    12 Strict Press 45lbs
    12 Right Leg Pistols

    It was fun to touch a barbell today in the great controlled chaos.
    Much thanks to Jeff and the coaches for giving my wod’s much variety with my limited movements.

  7. 3 rnds:

    12 thrusters @ 135 lbs
    3 rope climbs
    800m runs (no bar)


  8. 22:22 Rx’d

  9. Great job today, Brooke. So impressed that you are working out with just 2-3 weeks to go until baby #2! You are a true inspiration! 🙂

  10. 39:39 -mod (River WOD)
    800m run with 45# barbell
    15 PU (sub for rope)
    12 105# Thruster

    I am with Glenn…I ran with bar behind my head, lower on shoulders, in front squat position, and fireman carry. So uncomfortable! After doing that…the PU and Thrusters were a welcome change.

    It’s like Matt N and I were doing two different WOD’s!!!! Nice job Matt!

  11. 25:16
    (scaled – run w/o bar, 75# thrusters)

  12. 19:55 two rounds
    95# front squats
    run w/o bar

    It was hard to keep moving today, I hurt on most of the exercises. Boo to being an old crossfitting lady.

  13. As I headed out into the blowing nasty rain, Jeff reminded me that they don’t call this a hero WOD for nothing! Point well taken, buck up and do the work. The great part is that all this work makes life a little easier and more enjoyable!

    24:17 (or something like that)
    95# thruster, 12 rep
    800m run w/ 22lb barbell (carried it like a pair of skis – I’m kind of used to that!)
    1 rope climb

    • Great job Tom. Tough one to do in the rain, wind and lightning by yourself! That is mental toughness and the spirit of the Hero WOD.

    • Solo in the tree shaking blowing rain + tough wod + good solid result….. most awesome.

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