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January 4th, 2012

Ben’s Hidalgo Set Up at the River

Ever wonder why Ben is such a beast? When he is not at the gym it usually means he is at his cabin on the river doing WODs like Hidalgo. Check out the set up in the picture above. Not a bad spot to WOD, huh? Way to keep it rolling when you are on vacation Ben!


Complete as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of:
10 Pull-ups
245 pound Deadlift, 5 reps
135 pound Push-press, 8 reps

Post rounds completed to comments.


17 Responses

  1. goota say…. jealous! Let me stay there!

  2. 8 rounds + 10 PU
    PP @ 105#
    Did all 8 rounds PP unbroken, so should have pushed the weight…just seemed heavy in practice. Biggest slowdown was PU…need to spend some time getting better here.

    The river pic is my buddy’s small gym down the street from my cabin…great for road WODs! Maybe CFs will have to take a little road trip this summer…?!?

  3. 7 rnds+PP+3 PUs did them out of order to share the deadlift bar but didn’t seem to matter after the first sets, will be a challenge for a lot of people.
    8 Push Press 77#
    10 Pull Ups (kipping)
    5 Dead Lift 225#
    Fun though my hands were getting sore by end, maybe should have gone up a bit, only Pull Ups had to be broken up.

  4. 9 rounds + 10 pull ups + 5 Deadlift
    RX except for push press I did 115 lbs.
    Like Ben I did everything un broken so I probably could have RX’d that too. Great WOD though. I was pretty gassed afterwords.

    For some reason right after the workout, my arms had a deep ache. It was a struggle to just take the weights off the bar. It could barely drive to work. It’s been a couple hours almost and now their starting to feel better. Any of you ever experience anything like this???

    • Yes! Did the same workout yesterday and said pretty much the same thing to Jeff. One day later and I’m much more sore than achy. It’s been a tough hero set.

    • Most definitely. It’s not often, but seems to hit on that day where the movement(s) are heavy-ish, but one of my stronger movements where I can bust out a huge reps.
      That magical line where it’s heavy enough to stress my muscles, but light enough where I don’t have an excuse to break them up.
      Also it’s on the day where I do a better job of pushing myself, which means you must’ve had some extra beastly-ness this morning, good job!

    • Nice work Jimmy! 9+ rounds is awesome. Even at the “Girlie Man” weights i used my arms were sore. Can’t imagine what they would feel like at the “Man” weights. (Please note “Girlie Man” must be said in an Arnold Schwarzeneger accent. The kids on the board can search You Tube for the Saturday night live “Hanz and Franz” skit to get the full effect)

      • Glen,

        Here me now and believe me later! I see other poor little girly men alone in their poor little girly gyms and I have to laugh. Ya, I mean wake up and smell the muscles! They take off their shirts and all I see is a fabalanche coming right at me! Ya, but if they came to our gym we would say to them, “We will Pump, (hand clap) you up!”

      • Awesome.

    • Pull-ups & deadlift combo will sometimes do that for me too (the deep ache). Love the Hanz & Franz!

  5. 7 rounds + 4 pull ups
    155# DL
    65# PP

    CV, I agree hard week!

  6. 7 rounds + 10pullups
    105# push press
    Did all reps/sets unbroken except round 2,3,&7 of pullups. Took long breaks to catch breath. Very surprised at how winded I got from this.

  7. 7 rounds plus 2 Push ups

    Scaled to:

    10 push ups
    185# DL X 5
    85# PP X 8

    Should have gone heavier on the DL. Push ups really slowed me down. As you guys know once they go its hard to keep going.

  8. 8 rounds + 2 Ring Push Ups
    10 Ring Push Ups
    5 Toes through Rings (Carefully!)
    (rnd1-3) 8 ugly HSPU on Box (it’s been awhile)
    (rnd4-8) 8 Strict Press 45lbs

    The is no substitution for The Arnold.

  9. 11 rounds of –

    10 ring rows
    185# DL
    12 GHDSU

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