January 11th, 2012

Matt and Firefighter Fran

Matt did Fran today just like the rest of you…with one slight difference. He was wearing all his firefighting gear, including his SCBA (air pack). All this gear weighs 50 pounds. The weight is only part of it though. Firefighting gear is extremely constrictive and hot adding to the discomfort of an already very uncomfortable WOD. Another unexpected difficulty was negotiating the front of the face piece and regulator on the thruster as the bar left the shoulders on its way over head. Unlike a normal thruster where we want the bar to go in a straight line close to our face as it ascends, Matt was forced to move the bar in an arc around the front of the face piece as he moved the bar from shoulder to overhead. He also did it “On Air.” This means that he had his face piece hooked up to the bottle on his back. Breathing this compressed air through a regulator makes this WOD even worse because at times it can feel like your breathing is “out running” the regulator’s ability to supply air, increasing the already claustrophobic feeling of having something over your face while working this hard. To put the work of this feat into perspective, Matt was wearing a “30 minute” air bottle. Meaning that it should last you 30 minutes if you are just breathing normally or maybe doing light work. At the end of the WOD Matt’s low air alarm was sounding indicating he was probably within a minute or so of running out of air. The WOD took him 9:05. He burned through 30 minutes of air in 9 minutes! Now that is some serious work. That time is a good Fran time without any gear on. For Firefighter Fran, it is amazing! Great job Matt! Thanks for inspiring us all!

3 rounds for time of:

400m run

30 Mountain climbers (Left leg and right leg=1 rep)

45 second Plank, right side

45 second Plank

45 second Plank, left side

Post time to comments.


18 Responses

  1. That looks crazy horrible! Amazing! Nice work, Matt!

  2. Nice work Matt! I can’t imagine doing that WOD in all that gear. Hero’s like you inspire us all. Wish I was there to watch.

  3. That is awesome – would have loved to have seen it. Will you reenact it for us all someday :o)

    Nice job and nice time!!!!!

  4. Awesome Matt, you know how to raise the bar. How was your throat sucking that compressed air? I know SCUBA air is very dry, do they add water when charging those bottles? I’ve tried a max swim once at 30 feet – I hope the fire gear has a better regulator than I had.

  5. 15:38
    I hadn’t done any longer planks, so I didn’t push the runs real hard now having done this, I recovered well during the planks. I would push it more next time, also daudled between planks. Maybe having some people with me this morning would have helped… Though Andrea could call out the 45 sec for me so I didn’t have to watch the clock (thanks).

    This was a GREAT recovery workout after the last two days.

    • Mark, I cheated you! You were right, the moutain climbers did count both legs as a rep.

      Nice job moving this am!

      • Yeah saw that too – blast remove the Rx… at least the first 1 and 1/2 were the full cycle. Those weren’t real bad so I don’t think I shortened it much by not doing the full amount.

    • Grab job motivating on those solo days. 5:30 is a strange time, some days filled (fri w/ 7?) and others solo. Another 8 weeks and I’ll be a daily 5:30’er again (I almost feel dirty in the afternoon 🙂 ) Until then 2 on 1 off

  6. Rx’d: 21:10

    I really struggled through planks today. Did this one at home.

  7. Totally different subject… On Jeopardy last night they had “an answer” about the Paleo diet, I think the question was “What is a caveman diet” The funny thing was the pronounciation: PAL eo or the British pronounciation (or according to the Internet pronounciation guide).

  8. 14:??

    I miscounted my mountain climbers. Though the planks were incredibly hard to hold I enjoyed this WOD.

    Nice job, Matt! If I ever had an emergent situation, I hope you show up to save the day!

  9. Wow! Thank you for the kind words and write up Jeff. I don’t feel that deserving of such a blog. Thank you and everyone else for the positive praise. It was kinda fun….. When it was over. 🙂
    Mark, no, there is no moisture added to the air in our bottles. My mouth usually doesn’t get that dry due to the sweat from my face running in my mouth. 🙂

  10. mags
    19:25 rxd!!!
    Thanks to Brad and Wendy for running with me so i could rx it. i hope i didn’t slow you guys down!
    The planks were super tough for me!
    Great job everyone @ the 9:15 class, you guys were super great at the planks!
    Matt, wow great job on that wod! i can’t even come close to doing even one pullup with 50#!

  11. 15:13 Joyce the amazing Duffy beat me again. Best part of the WOD was running with Mags!

  12. Wow Maggs I am so proud of you! You are awesome!!

    I actually did this today in California! I ran on the treadmill though at 6.0
    held the planks and did the mtn climbs. it was tough but I did it.
    time = 22:45

  13. 20:08 rx’d

    The time flew on this WOD. I liked it, even though planks are my enemy. 🙂

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