January 26th, 2012

AMRAP in 20 Minutes of:

5 Clean and Jerk (PC/PJ) 165#

10 KBS 53#

20 Deadlifts 165#

40 Double Unders.

Post rounds and partial rounds completed to comments.


16 Responses

  1. Sometimes if you go to bed making peace with the impending pain JV throws you a curve. Or the weather changed. Was I hallucinating or did the 5k go away? I think I like this one better but I’m sure i wont when complete.

  2. I missed the 5K bad dream, must not have tuned in at the correct time.

    3+C&J, skipped KBS/DL into DUs on 4th
    -C&J @100#, not too much trouble w/ wrists or arms but had trouble bending elbows early getting into the clean-dropped each one but no breaks.
    -KBS tough but fine @ 1.5 pood
    -DL @ 165 but lower back started complaining on 3rd & moved to 145 after 10
    -DUs 2 min of attempts per Ryan suggestion, getting these very SLOWLY

    I liked this WOD but should have backed off on DL weight (to 145?) or my lower back was not prepared – KBS & DL both tough on lower back.

    Glad Ellen was there for company & appreciate Ryan’s help on scaling-he tried to warn me on the DLs!

  3. 3 rds + CJ Scaled to 105# CJ, 53# KBS, 135# DL and 2 min double under attempts. I usually go straight to 2x single unders but while listening to Ryan give C to B pull up pointers yesterday it made me realize the only way to get better at double unders (More than one at a time) was to attempt double unders. I see the light! was able to string a couple together during my attempts.

    Went light on the DL to avoid my high rep DL headache’s. Success.

  4. 3 rounds + 5 C&J’s Rx’d

    Frustration level hit an all time high today with the double unders. The most I strung together at one time was 5.

  5. I saw it too but Charity is trying to convince me it was never there, I am talking to her right now.

  6. ok I did a 5k on treadmill here in Southern California. 34:20 Actually too hot to run outside!!!!!!!!!!!
    Seriously nobody has lost it, JV really did have 5 k and map posted.

  7. 3rounds + 10 DL Rx
    Really liked this WOD -lower back really got sore in round 4…really threw the brakes on! Wanted 4rounds +!
    The DU were good! Thanks Matt for the push!

  8. 3 rounds + 5 c&j rx’d

    Did split jerks halfway into 1st round. It felt better that way. I can’t believe how much the c&j’s took out of me. It seemed as though it wouldn’t be this difficult but I was wrong once again….

  9. 5 rounds + 6 db thrusters (12wks-SC)
    10 Push Press Wall Balls 10lbs
    10 DB (15lbs) Box Thrusters
    20 Deadlift 50lbs (very slow)
    15 cal row (careful resticted range)

    Great WOD, wish I could’ve done the regular movements. Nice to start working on two legs even if super light. Another thing I realized I should take from the slow weight increase, always keep moving. I should try training to go unbroken reps.

  10. 4 + 5 C&J
    (Scaled – 95# for C&J and DL)

    Pretty stoked I got through cleans with no wrist guard/tape and it didn’t hurt. All the help I’ve gotten from Jeff and other coaches with the rack position is definitely making a difference.

  11. 4 rounds + 1 DL, scaled 95# C &J and DL. KB wore out forearms for DU, first set of DU were difficult to get going. Prefer this to a 5k any day!

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