January 27th, 2012

Paleo Flow Chart

Shawn passed on the flowchart above. Pretty hilarious and actually pretty informative.

Back Squat


Compare to here.


11 Responses

  1. 265 max (repeated 3x)

    My body was not into extremes today, was 15 less than max.

    Good group, everybody was pushing hard – 1st time helping to spot, glad nobody used it!

  2. 175# the whole time. My body didn’t really want to go heavy today. For some reason my lower back was protesting a bit, and I didn’t want to over do it, especially without a spotter.

  3. Snowboarding day…uh, I mean rest day! 😃

  4. 195 max

    10# pr!!! Perfect way to start a sunny Friday!

  5. 240 max 10# PR

  6. supposed to be rest day but figured I could handle the volume of my max squa at home. 🙂
    45x; 50×5; 55×5…starting somewhere

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