January 28th, 2012

9 AM Class

Run 5k

Click here to check out your route. It is an “out and back” route. Shortly before you reach your turn around point you will pass through a gate. After that gate is 159th Pl SE, as you can see on the map, this is your turn around point. It is 2.5K out.

10 AM Yoga


17 Responses

  1. Awesome.

  2. 26:19 rx’d

    Added about a min and a half to last time. I think it has ALOT to do with the hills. Last time was done to the speed bump and back a bunch.
    Overall, felt good!

  3. 24:13 for 6250k Row, semi-restricted range (85%?) (12.2 wks)
    Actually felt semi-normal, nice feeling. Just zone out working on pace & form. Goal was to maintain <2:00 pace and think I got it 95% of the time. Nothing will teach you not to pull/bend arms early like a huge row. VERY quickly realized I needed to be efficient!
    Great job with great numbers and effort on uncomfortable wod. I bet Jeff is proud.
    Thanks Brad for Satchel's 5k. I think the Cheek's are his favorite!

  4. Steve and I ran our first timed effort since New York not too bad given the still snowy sidewalks and a rambunctious puppy!

    34:40 w/ 4 30 sec walk breaks.

  5. 28:18 rx’d

  6. After the nightmare 2 mile start of Hidalgo about a month ago, I decided to skip the 5k, knee just doesn’t hold up.
    Completed Jan 7th WOD- 5 rounds of:
    5 pull ups (kipping)
    10 Box jump
    15 burpees
    20 WB (14#)
    2 minute rest
    22:43 (2:35,2:49,3:02,3:11,3:06)

    Then did 3 rounds of:
    350m row
    20 ghd
    2 minute rest
    10:58 (2:20, 2:19, 2:19)

  7. 27: XX ? It was fun running with Satchel today. He went easy on me.
    Wow Kandi, You guy’s must have started at 5:30 to finish all that. Nice work!

    • Nice job on the handstand today in yoga!! Next time I’m going to try not to do everything you can do.

  8. 45:51 rx’ed 3:15 slower than last time. Ran in Newtons but took a very similar route. I hate running.

  9. 25:04 Rx (-:57 from 9/2011)

  10. 26:22 on a Quinton Clubtrack tread at 0% grade – I expect my real results will vary a lot. It’s claimed that to get similar work the tread s/b set about 1%. My testing has shown the amount of deck cushioning and runner adaption to running on a tread (a runner will unconsciously train themselves to suck energy out of the drive) results in significant variation.

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