January 30th, 2012

What about water?

We talk a lot about food here at CFS, but not so much about water. How much should you drink? When should you drink it? Should it be filtered, bottled or neither? Check out my quick and easy guide to water basics to answer these questions.

Quantity– For health purposes, drink water naturally. Drink when you are thirsty and stop when you are satisfied. Over-consuming water challenges your kidneys and under-consuming it leaves you dehydrated.

Timing– Most of your water consumption should be done at times other than meal times. Water consumption during and around mealtimes dilutes the HCL in your stomach making digestion and thus nutrient absorption difficult.

Type– Tap water has, fluoride, chlorine and heavy metals which are all bad for your health. Most filtered waters have all the vital trace minerals removed. Bottled water is often just tap water in a bottle. Get this filter (be sure to get the optional fluoride filters too). It removes harmful elements and leaves mineral content in place.

Showers and Baths– You absorb more chlorine through your skin than you do through your digestive track. This filter will give you a chlorine free shower and this one will give you a chlorine free bath.


Five rounds for time of:
225 pound Deadlift, 12 reps
20 Pull-ups
135 pound Clean and jerk, 12 reps
20 Knees to elbows

Post time to comments.


28 Responses

  1. 4 rounds
    Subbed GHD situps for KTE

  2. 18:36 1/2 reps 5 Rnds – once again I didn’t get the scaling correct, should have gone for 3/4 reps, didn’t have to stop on the lifts, & not a lot on the PU/K2E though shoulder was talking to me…
    DL 205#
    C&J 100# (next time move this up)
    Be careful of the hands!

  3. 34:xx (12.5wks-SC)
    55lbs Deadlifts
    55lbs Front Squat + 75lbs Strict Press for C&J’s
    tore hands at end of 4th round so did push ups and GHD Sit Ups for the 5th round.
    The tearing was my own darn fault. It was my first day back on K2E’s, meaning they’ve got a ton of extra swinging (double kip), plus large volume K2Es, plus large volume pull ups. I knew better… doh! A smart choice would’ve been to halve the K2E reps, plus that would’ve made for better wod intensity! Learn from my idiocy! 🙂
    Otherwise GREAT WOD! Lots of fun! Superb efforts by my fellow CFS minions.

  4. 47:23 5rounds
    145# DL 12
    20 Pull ups
    95# C & J 12
    20 toes thru rings
    grip started giving out, making last 2 rounds of pull ups and toes thru rings slow. Would have liked to have gone faster. 😦

  5. Great dinner and company last night at Daniel’s. Thanks to Wendy and the Vales for setting it up. Fun seeing and chatting with everyone outside of the gym. 🙂

  6. 33:59 Rx’d…. Kinda 🙂

    I did 20 toes to bar instead of 20 knees to elbows the whole time. I didn’t realize I was suppose to be doing knees to Elbows until after I was finished. My bad.

  7. 37:15 5 rounds
    155# DL x 12
    5 push ups using the new standard (FYI-Way harder)
    105# C&J x 12
    20 ab mat sit ups

    Was great seeing everyone last night, thanks to Wendy and The Vales for setting it up. Hope we can do it again sometime soon.

  8. thought I would do only 3 rounds but got thru 5 thank you John for always keeping me postive!

    I am glad everyone had a good time and thank you for coming 🙂

  9. 5 Rounds 33:45
    185# DL
    Push-ups for Pull-ups
    95# C&J
    GHD sit-ups for KTE
    The arm is feeling a little better today.

  10. Happy Birthday Dad! We will spoil you lots! You rock
    love mags

  11. People at the gym were using all the equipment I needed for this one, so instead I did
    2 Muscle-ups
    4 Handstand Push-ups
    8 2-Pood Kettlebell swings

    MOD: 6 Rounds + 1 HSPU; 4 Strict Pull Ups; 4 Dips; 8 Pike HSPU; 8 55# Dumbbell Swings

    Did 4 pull ups and 4 dips (without assistance for the first time!) for the 2 muscle ups. I’ll get those soon. Made the HSPU harder by doubling the reps, I’ll also be able to do those soon.

    • Cam – Good job being flexible, sometimes in a big gym environment you are only going to frustrate yourself trying to do WODs for time that involve a lot of different pieces of equipment that are in short supply, popular or both.

      Way to put in some work!

  12. Jeff Rxd

    • Your Birthday huh?…HAPPY BIRTHDAY COACH!!! Im sure the girls spoiled you today. Thank you for everything!!

  13. 33:23 -scaled to 4 rounds (Rx weights/reps)

  14. 30′ cap – 3 rounds
    (Scaled – 135# DL, 95# C&J)

    Had a hard time getting in a sitting position on the jerk so switched to split jerk which felt better. However, not real sure I was doing it correctly. Let me qualify that – I’m pretty sure I wasn’t doing it correctly 🙂 The C&J took me the longest. Should’ve gone heavier on the DL.

  15. Thanks for all the B-day wished everyone. Had a great day. Even got to WOD with the 4:15 class. Joining a class always makes my day!


  16. 30 min cut off:
    2 rounds + 4 K2E

    rx’d weights = HARD!! (and if you’re me, slow)

  17. […] been relatively easy, but a slow process.  Once I ordered my culture I’ve tended to it with filtered water, organic whole wheat flour, and a nice warm spot in my […]

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