February 1st, 2012

My New Favorite Meal

The recipe is easy, delicious and made from 100% Real Foods. It is my new favorite meal. No surprise, it is from Nourished Kitchen. Check it out here.

Clean and Jerk 1-1-1-1-1-1-1 reps

Post loads to comments.

Compare to here.



21 Responses

  1. 23:07 Yesterdays BS/Rope climb WOD scaled the rope climbs to rope get ups. I probably took too much rest time but wanted to avoid my high rep headaches and was successful.

    As 9:46 rolled by on the timer and i was still in the second round the little voice in my head said: Hmmmm Matt would be finished now. Mateo esta en fuego! Nice work Amigo.

    • Me too Glenn!!! I thought that at 11:00 too, just thinking how in the world are these people doing this!! Nice job moving on your own, I’ve noticed it’s a little different by yourself as compared to being in a class trying to keep up with others around you. Congrats on the no headaches!

  2. 130# couldn’t get over this – I’m sure it’s form, caught myself muscling it up too many times. I’ll be glad to get this tech better, I need to do not think so much on it. 13# PR

    • I’ll take a 13# PR any day. Nice work! Sometimes I find if I think about too many aspects of the movement it messes me up, sort of like a golf swing. I have found that if I pick one important section/part/aspect (Insert awesome CFS Coach comment here) it works better for me.

    • I was stuck on a weight for months and it was total mental!! Once you let your muscle memory take over, and just go, it seemed to help. 13# is a great PR!

      (A PR + coffee = one chatty CFS-er, someone stop me!)

  3. 130#

    Always love a split jerk!!

  4. 205
    10lb PR.

  5. 175lbs (5lb PR)

  6. 225# clean & split J
    (failed @ 230# – but CLOSE!)

  7. 185 squat clean and split jerk.

    Failed with 205 a couple times on the split jerk. Feeling a bit beat up from the last few days. Worked on technique for the hang, squat clean with 205. Thanks Jeff for the help.

  8. Have a question on the meal, I thought green beans were a no-no being a legume? Then I went searching and found that since the prophets of Paleo/Primal include them in recipes they must be okay…
    (in case anyone else was so anal)

    • They are mostly pod and very little bean so they are more veggie like in their nutrient value, carb content and anti nutrient qualities. Making then legit on most paleo/primal/Real Food resources.

  9. Random food question for the awesome CFS food guru’s.
    How do you feel about Stuffed Olives? On a regular basis (6-12).

    Getting on track (Againandagainandagain), today determined no sugar, walked into Central Market grab some lunch. Grabbed chicken breast, awesome, some whole milk, awesome, then… I just want… something extra (have my fruit for later, gotta keep carbs on plan). What I’ve done way too often is Cookie (which then often leads to more). Found oilve bar (garlic stuffed). Seemed to hit the sweet tooth, don’t overindulge and at first glances seems to fit our goals. Have a found a sugar “nicotine patch” or is this like replacing soda with gatorade?
    A lot more work following nutrition when I’m not doing 7 hours of rugby a week. 🙂

  10. mags
    did 75# about 4 times (tied my max)

  11. Jeff (SC & SJ)

    Joey V.- (PC & PJ)

    Charity- (SC & SJ)

  12. Nice work team Vale!!

    BTW…I loovee bacon, chicken and green beans! We cooked this meal up tonight and it was AWESOME! This meal is definitely going into the Pavlic family meal rotation.

    You had me at, “One pound of bacon”.

  13. worked up to 130#, tried 135 got clean but failed on jerk, 15# pr thanks to my husband’s awesome coaching! 🙂

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