February 7th, 2012

Complete as many rounds as possible in 15 minutes of:
135 pound Push press, 7 reps
135 pound Overhead squat, 10 reps
15 GHD Sit-ups
Post rounds completed to comments.


11 Responses

  1. 6 rounds + 6 GHD Sit Ups
    80lbs Strict Press/45lbs OHS
    Squating is finally starting to feel natural again. wahoo! Not 100%, but at least I don’t need full concentration.

    • One benefit of this slow scaling up of weights is I think it’s teaching me to not stare at the bar and just go immediately. One of my weaknesses. Hopefully I can translate this into rx’d weights later on.

  2. 6 Rnds
    75# on OHS and Push Press, I was real happy w/ this weight, I didn’t have to break them up or fail just a lot of grunting. Very happy that the shoulder is allowing these overhead workouts!!! I think this was the first OHS set in a WOD I’ve done – snatching and holding these has been a problem.

    I’m enjoying the dynamics of the 5:30 group, almost getting crowded!

  3. 7 rounds @ 95 lbs. I did the push press and OHS’s unbroken so I could have bumped up the weight a little. Fun WOD!

  4. 5 rounds + 28 situps

    Scaled the PPs and OHSs to 95lbs and did them all unbroken.
    Did the first 2 rounds of GHDs then my back started to feel weird so I switched to 30 situps instead.

  5. 5rounds + 2 OHS – scaled (105#)
    GHD was hard after round 2…and OHS went 5/5 after 2nd round. Could have done PP heavier, but didn’t want two bars.

    Great 5:30 class today!

  6. 5 rounds + 1 OHS 95#

  7. OHS is my nemesis!
    5 rounds + 7 press
    Sub’d ghd for double Situps
    95# press and OHS for first round but switched to 45# bar and only 5 reps ( my shoulder does not like OHS)
    I’m wondering if my OHS will ever get better, seems as though it has only been backward progress. 😦

  8. 3 + 13 GHDs

    75#. OHS were HARD!!

  9. wow you guys rock!! I am a wus!!
    6 rounds + 14 sit ups
    33 lb push press and ohs unbroken
    used ab mat

  10. 5 rounds + 5 pp scaled to 75#. wrists hurt from ohs?

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