February 11th, 2012

9 AM Class

Five rounds for time of:
Run 800 meters
9 Strict pull-ups

Post time to comments.

10 AM Yoga


11 Responses

  1. Unless there is something going on that I do not know about, I believe that there is still a CF 101 class @ 8 AM today for our newest members even though it is not listed in the post above.

  2. 25:21

    Pretty psyched about getting a muscle up today! Im hoping to get better and start knocking out a few at a time…

    Thanks for all the great coaching I’ve been getting lately!

  3. 34:06
    1000m Row/5 strict pull up + 5 ring dips alternating per round

    one of the FASTEST ways you’ll learn not to bend your arms early while rowing is trying to do pull ups after long rows. After round 1 I saw the light and totally got the legs fully extended before pulling. No better way to learn efficiency then when you are pushing towards fatigue. 🙂

    Some days I think I hate (frustrate) strict pull ups as much as Glenn hates running. Must make friends with them, and then beat them with a crowbar when their back is turned.

    • Nice job figuring out bending your arms early. That’s a huge habit to break. I looked down once and noticed my arms bending early, then realized I do it in cleans too. So at that moment I stopped bending my arms early and what do you know….my splits went down. I never would have thought rowing can translate to other movements we do in CF. Maybe rowing does rule.

  4. 26:53

  5. 25:43
    Did 5 muscle ups per round instead of the 9 strict pull ups.

    Nice work on getting your muscle ups back Jimmy!!!

  6. 30:42 rx’d

    Please no more running!!

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