February 15th, 2012

Front squat 3-3-3-3-3 reps

Post loads to comments.

Compare to here.


19 Responses

  1. max 205, needed to eat more spinich(?), this was real hard. Form was breaking down (elbows lowering), spent most time 185-195.

    Good to be back, Shawn suggested my goofing off for the past few days contributed to the above not hitting max.

    • naa.. goofing off can be good rest (though the food might be a killer). It was the moon, it’s on the wrong side of the planet. Creates a heavier gravity well.

      High gravity morning.

  2. 75lbs x 3 x every 2 mins (14.9wks)
    I think I got 15 sets in.
    I admit I thought about making today a rest day since it was a heavy day and I’m limited. Glad I came in though. Front Squat @ 75lbs started to feel very solid and more natural. Mon/Tue gave me good enough intensity.

    • Nice job Shawn! Bummed I missed this one…

    • For what it’s worth Shawn, I appreciate your enthusiasm for the workouts and encouragment! Thanks for making it in.

      • Thanks Mark. It always gets my day started off well with some CFS. Always the right tone! That’s why I sometimes hate rest days (like tomorrow). No umph and laughing to start the day off.

  3. Forgot to mention I like the new warm up concept of focusing on a few specific basic items – I’ve wanted to master the “Box Bounce” and it helped working on it this morning. (hint: I wouldn’t mind some work on Wall ball technique…)

  4. 135-140-145-145-150
    First body weight front squat! 150 was my goal today, and it felt good to reach it.

  5. 3RM= 255lbs

  6. 3RM=145

  7. 3 RM=175

  8. 3 RM=175
    Focused on squatting all the way to my heels today.

  9. 255# (20# PR)
    MU #2

  10. 225# front squat
    50# PR from September
    20# PR from January

    It was nice to not have to sweat my guts out today or use my extremely sore arms. 🙂

  11. Great numbers in the gym today everyone!

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