March 5th, 2012

For time:
25 Handstand push-ups
50 Toes-to-bar
Run 800 meters
75 pound Push press, 75 reps
150 Double-unders

Post time to comments.


13 Responses

  1. 29:18 (i think) (17.5wks)
    HSPU: 12 w/ 10# plate, 13 w/ 1 abmat
    1000m Row for run and 150 KBS 1pood for DU’s
    Holy handgrip Batman! 15 KBS at the end was serious hand grip effort. T2B did not help. Tried to force all T2B to be “single kip” to dial in the technique, but probably should’ve dropped to “double kip” after 25 reps. Lost the intensity after 25 and wasn’t “moving well” despite best effort.

    Great to have Jimmy back and nice to have Steve and Kim in for the dark lifting. Both moved very fast through the HSPU/T2B mods.

  2. 20:56

    Almost RX’d. Had to use 1 abmat halfway through my HSPU.

  3. 21:36

    Scaled the HSPUs to 1 abmat.

  4. 18:30
    Scaled 2 abmats for hspu’s
    Strung together 40 double unders! 🙂

    • Almost forgot……welcome back Brooke! Too bad it was extremely male heavy in attendance this morning. Very strange…….

  5. Glad to see Brooke back in the gym! Look out ladies! Whenever Brooke takes time off for child birth, she seems to come back even stronger than before!

  6. 19:24 Scaled hspu’s 1abmat/1 plate
    Chris did a great job on the du’s!
    So nice to see Brooke and the girl’s today.
    Welcome Back : )

  7. 19:44 Rx
    Felt good in the HSPU…toughest was the DU. (Row’d 1,000m in lieu of Run due to snow/slush)

  8. For time:
    Run 800 meters
    75 Backwards walking lunges
    Run 800 meters
    75 Backwards walking lunges

    13:16 Rx

  9. Wow! Glad to be checking the blog again! Thanks for the supportive comments guys—SO glad to be back, although it feels like I took years off from working out, not just 7 weeks! Such a great and encouraging 9:15 crew today, not to mention the cute coach 🙂

  10. 23:??
    1 abmat hspu
    rowed 1000m
    53 du’s

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