March 19th, 2012

Jeff has granted me the privilege of programming the workouts for our gym for the next few weeks.   Some of the workouts that I find to be very effective and fun to do include:

A strength or skill portion workout pair with a metcon/’for time’ element

Obviously, the additional strength work is intended to both make you stronger and to improve your technique.  But I will also sometimes use the strength/skill portion as a scaling tool for the day’s workout, as I am today.

For the second part of today’s workout, you will calculate the weights to be used based on a percentage of the weight that you used in the first part.   This way you don’t have to worry about whether or not to scale the weight and/or by how much, those decisions will be made for you.  I brought in a small blue calculator (it is in one of the 2 pen bins) so you won’t have to do the multiplication by hand.  Later this week, I will bring in a chart that you can use too.

Interval workouts

These workouts consist of short periods of  working really hard sandwiched between short breaks/rest periods.  They are a great way to build the ability to push yourself harder, both physically and mentally.

Basic CrossFit goodness!

I love all types of CrossFit WODs, so you will see some familar workouts as well.

Monday’s workout is a mix of both a strength/skill warm-up on the power clean and some short interval metcons.  The best of both worlds!  It looks like a lot of work, and it is in a way, but if you break it down you will see that it is really only 14- 16 minutes of work with lots of rest built in.  And that allows you to go really hard for each of the 4 minute AMRAPs.  Good luck and enjoy!  This workouts is one of my recent favorites.

John Pavlic

WOD – 

In 10 minutes or less, work up to a 1-RM (1 rep max) power clean for today

*Take about a 5-7 minute rest while setting up for the rest of the workout, and then*

4 minute AMRAP of:

1  Power clean using 80-85% of your 1-RM power clean today
1 Chest to bar pull-up
2 Power cleans
2 Chest to bar pull-ups
3 Power cleans
3 Chest to bar pull-ups…(number of reps continues to go up 1 each round)

***Rest exactly 4 minutes, and then***

4 minute AMRAP of:
1 Power clean using 65-70% of your 1-RM power clean today
1 Chest to bar pull-up
2 Power cleans
2 Chest to bar pull-us…(number of reps continues to go up 1 each round)

***Rest exactly 4 minutes, and then***

Row 1000 meters for time.


9 Responses

  1. 140#Max (PR), 6 rnds + 3 C2Bs both sets then team rowed w/ unknown time. I liked this WOD, little bit of everything! Cleans got better I think as we went since the weight went down and I was so preoccupied I didn’t overthink it as much. C2Bs started w/ consistent touches but soon degenerated to just getting the chest up high enough. The 1st 500 row was good but trying to keep up w/ Shawn I overdid it and was wasted on 2nd 500. Kelli (?) my teammate did great on the second set. Endurance remains an Achilles heel for me.

    Anybody planning to do the “Mud Run” on June 2nd?

    Also managed to mount and stand on the trotting horse (adult class) at my daughter’s vaulting club on Saturday. Comical to see an adult teetering up there, kids make it look easy…

    • The club my daughter is at: Warm Beach Vauters has an intro class for 4 to 10 years? at 9:30 on Saturdays (my daughter is a coach) the first class is free, bring kids. They do something for older kids also. Call first, some Saturdays get cancelled during competitions like this next Saturday.

  2. PC 1RM: 195 lbs (5 lb PR)
    1st 4 min: 5 rnds + 2 PC @ 160 lbs
    2nd 4 min: 6 rnds + 2 PC @ 135 lbs
    1000m row: 3:30

    This was a good workout. For the C2Bs I focused on touching the middle of my sternum to the bar. C2Bs are harder but they feel so athletically cool while you’re them!

  3. PC: 100lbs (slow progress, but triple digits!)
    1st AMRAP: 6 rnds + 3 C2B @ 100lbs
    2nd AMRAP: 7 rnds + 2 C2B @ 85lbs
    1000m Row as 2 500m relay rows: 1:40ish (i think, forgot to look)
    Enjoyed it. Perfect wod to work on keeping rests short (if any). C2B’s weren’t anything special compared to others, but I was stoked to be able to string a few together and get through them. It’ll be interesting to have things changes up for a bit, more variety is good! Even when it involves burpees. It really is going to be a daily surprise to adapt to. When are the 100 DB Squat Clean Thruster Burpees coming?!

  4. Jeff
    232 1rm Pwr. Cln

    195# for part two
    5 full rounds

    160# for part three
    6 rounds plus 4 pwr. cln.

    3:51 1000m row

    Fun WOD

    To get the most out of it. Go full speed on each of the 4 minute portions. The 4 minutes rest is enough time to recover.


    Thanks for all your hard work on writing some new WODs for us over the next few weeks.


  5. 145# 1RM
    Part One: 4 rounds + 5 PC + 2 C2B @ 115#
    Part Two: 4 rounds + 5 PC + 2 C2B @ 100#
    1K: 3:54
    This one was fun. It was hard to figure out how hard to go on the AMRAPs. After I finished I realized I should have gone harder; four minutes rest is a long time. The C2B were what slowed me the most. The row was hard, my pace fluctuated between about 1:52 and 2:05. Today was fun! Good job programming, John!

  6. 135 1 rep max in 10 mins.

    1st part:
    85# 5 rounds + 5 power cleans

    2nd part:
    85# 6 full rounds (I completely forgot to go down in weights, but it felt easier this round. I think I dialed in my technique a lot)

    4:20 1000m row

    I loved this wod, but left completely smoked. But it wasn’t anything a little chocolate milk couldn’t cure!

  7. 235 1Rep max PC (35# PR)

    Pt 2
    200# PC
    4 rounds + 5 PC Rx

    Pt 3
    150# PC
    6 rounds Rx

    1000m Row -3:35

    Enjoyed the WOD …thighs are still smoked from 12.4…left my “getting under the bar a little short!

  8. Glad you all liked the WOD. – John

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