March 20th, 2012


Four sets of:

Shoulder Press x 3-5 reps @ 20X1 tempo*
Rest 2-3 minutes between sets

*Rest – 7-8 minutes, and then…*

For time, 21-15-9 of:

KBS swings (1.5 pood/1 pood)
Box jumps (24″/20″)

*What the heck does ‘20X1 tempo ‘mean?

Tempo refers to speed at which you should complete each of the four stages of the lift or movement for today’s workout.

1st number – time to lower the weight or go from the top of the lift to the bottom
2nd number – time spent paused at the ‘bottom’ of the movement
3rd number – time to raise up/push back up
4th number – time spent paused at the ‘top of the movement

Start each rep of the shoulder press by lifting the weight explosively (X = lift explosively) from your shoulders.  Then take a 1 second pause at the top, take 2 seconds to lower the weight back down from the overhead to your shoulder and then take no pause at the bottom/on your shoulders.  To time the seconds during the pause at the top and during the lowering of the weight, you could say “One CrossFit Snohomish, two CrossFit Snohomish” to yourself.


9 Responses

  1. 135# Press

    Pt 2 – 4:48 Rx

    Big 5:30 class today…fun group…liked the 2 part WOD

  2. 95#, had trouble with the quick up and slow down, I wanted to reverse it… Jim pointed out some tech issues on lifting the weight, after the fact I think I understand better.
    6:33, sub’d 3x Single Unders to keep intensity up and frustration down, but I had trouble stringing 6 SUs together on the first set but then the next two were much easier, maybe I’ve been playing w/ DUs so much I forgot the SU rhythm. Don’t think I have done so many 1.5 KBS before.

    Crossfit always something more to learn, never a dull moment. Awesome group at 5:30 – we’re getting to the afternoon size with good skill variety.

  3. Jeff-
    Part 1-105# for all four sets of 5 on press

    Part 2-
    Games style BJ
    3:33 Rx

    • 3:33 – wow you were moving! Thanks for telling me to keep moving this morning…need to work on that in a shord speed WOD like this.

  4. Press: 120lbs
    Part 2: 5:09 rx’d w/ games-style BJs

  5. Press — 105lbs x5 all sets (19.6wks)

    21-15-9 — 6:52 mod
    Power Cleans @105lbs for DU’s and did Step Ups

  6. 135# x 5

    5:23 rx’d

    I liked this one ALOT.

  7. Press- 80# X4

    6:28 rx’d
    I was trying to do game style box jumps, but Joyce was next to me smoking me. So I did anything I could to try and keep up. In the end I couldn’t keep up with that woman!!

    Fun wod, felt great to keep moving through each set.

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