March 26th, 2012

Next year…..begins now!

So looking back at the games workouts, what movements or time domains did you do really well in and which ones crushed you?

If there were movements that gave you trouble, work a few reps of them each day or every other day into your warm-up.

If there were certain time domains that you did not do well in, make a mental note of which ones that they were and try to really push yourself when that same time domain comes up in our daily workouts.

Post your comments to the blog

P.S.  I look forward to more CFS faithful signing up for the CF Open next year!


Three sets of:
Burpees x max reps in 60 seconds
Rest 2 minutes

**Rest 5-7 minutes while setting up, and then**

5 rounds of:

60 seconds to complete 15 x (2 pood/1.5 pood) kettle bell swings
  *if the kettle bell swings are completed prior to 60 seconds, rest until minute is up
60 seconds of rowing for calories

Score is total # of calories rowed combined for all rounds.

The way this WOD is performed is that each round the athlete has the first minute to complete 15 kettle bell swings (and then rest the remainder of that minute) and then rows as many meters as possible the second minute.  The less time it takes to complete the kettle bell swings, the more time you have to rest/strap yourself into the rower to be ready to go for the start of the second minute.


14 Responses

  1. 65 Burpee /91 calories – scaled using 1.5 pood kettle bell

  2. 54 burpees (18/18/18)
    impressed by all the fast people/bigger sets. I did not pace, hold back or burn out but could not figure out how to move faster.

    94cals of Rowing Rx’d
    Was really worried I’d get that ‘avoid, don’t wanna start’ feeling on the KBS sets, but just forced myself to aggressively get started and was satisfied. I think that’s the trick. As Ryan would say “don’t think”, just make the decision early that you ARE going to pick up the KB right away, aggressively walk over, “don’t think” and just launch that first one up in a perfect swing.

  3. 64 Burpee / 53 Cal. 1.5 pood
    To speed up the Burpees, I needed to pace Brad. New thing I discovered is don’t lower yourself to floor – controlled fall and the jump is part of the get up.

    Tried the 2 pood for the 1st time, will start using that on smaller WODs. I put the KB down on the 4th set for a rest – DON’T DO THAT, went into the row time and got almost nothing for that round. Scale the KB to push the row! KB form needed work(slump’d shoulders, little hip flick). Endurance, need to find it!

    Awesome on the rowing / KB Shawn!

    • Good points Mark:

      IMHO, Burpee speed is contingent in part on the ‘controlled fall’. I think of it as a ‘flop’. JV is really good at. Not only is it the fastest way to the ground, it takes less energy when done right. The downside is if you do it ‘wrong’ you can really knock the wind out of yourself.

      I would also agree with your point of scaling the KB weight on this wod so that you can finish the 15 KB swings in a minute and jump on the rower ready to go.

  4. Burpees: 56 (18, 19, 19) rx’d

    Like Shawn, I felt like I was moving the whole time so I guess I need to figure out how to improve my burpee cycle time.

    KBS/rowing: 70 calories rx’d

    The last 3 rounds I only had 30 to 40 seconds of row time as the 2-poods got heavy.

  5. Burpees-78

    75 Calories Rxd

  6. 41 burpees (13-14-14) 1239m rows (240-240-247-240-272) had trouble getting through the KBS at 1.5 pood in the min time cap so just finished the KBS then did the rowing. Was going to do Cals but decided to go with meters as written. Turned into a “Rounds for time” towards the end.

    Not sure how I could increase my cycle time on the Burpees. I did what Mark suggested and used the controlled fall method instead of lowering myself to the floor. When done properly my belly makes a satisfying “Pop” when it hits the ground.

    This one was way harder than it looked.

  7. 65 Burpees
    84 cal on the row/KBS Rx’d

    Did the KBS/row first and then did the burpees. I’m pretty sure either way sucked.

  8. 75 burpees/65cal 1.5 pood

  9. 58 burpees / 80 cal 44#.

    • Thank God your safe! The snow must have melted. Awesome score!

      • Thanks Glen… I think that’s my best burpee showing! Nope, snow’s not gone yet at all. I haven’t this much snow at Stevens in years. The base is over 140″ still – that’s a lot of snow! Couple more ski weekends left…

  10. Couldn’t quite get ahead of Brad on the burpees this morning and got 75.

    90 calories on the rower

    Great job pushing yourselves this morning everyone.

  11. 58 burpees/ 25 cal rx’d

    A) I have no idea how to row for calories, B) I think my wod was an entirely different wod. I felt like we haven’t swung that heavy of a KB in a long time, so I wanted to give it a try. My rowing turned out to be recovery for most of it. Which, apparently, was not the intent.

    Thanks, Shawn, for getting me through those KBS!

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