March 28th, 2012


Spend 15 minutes working up to your max 1-RM Jerk
– Take the bar from the rack
– You can work on either a split jerk, push jerk or behind the neck jerk.

If you are just learning the jerk, perform the one that you are most comfortable with.  If you have done the jerk several times before, work on the version of the jerk that you have the least experience with or that is the most challenging for you.

Rest briefly (5-7 minutes) while setting up for…

Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 7 minutes of:

135/95 lb Power snatch x 3 reps
Pull-Ups x 6 reps
24″/20″ Box Jumps x 9 reps


20 Responses

  1. 115# for a Back-Split Jerk, my shoulders have limited this movement so I wanted to try it and the Split Jerk – 2 lifts for one! It didn’t feel heavy but the Split stance was giving me issues.

    6 rnds + 1st hang at the buzzer. 75# (Jeff insisted my form take precidence – correct of course..), lightness allowed me to not drop weight so it was faster… PUs w/o break, all BJs weren’t bang-bang but fast for me!

    Good workout this morning

    • nice job on the unbroken pull up sets. That’s big progress from ?? a few months ago?

      • Absolutely! I’m very pleased that my kipping is more consistent, I don’t look at pull-ups in general as anykind of a show stopper. I’m thinking of getting the Butterfly version down now.. Though I still have to plan carefully or I run out of gas on the arms.

  2. Push Jerk 105lbs for 20-25 reps. Still pacing, but nice to start to feel comfortable with landing my feet evenly. not favoring right leg. Well… as much as I have been.

    AMRAP: 6 rounds + 2 Power Cleans mod
    105lbs Power Clean and Step Ups
    Realizing I must seem like the crazy guy at CFS. This morning was talking to my pull up bar before we started. Mumbling to myself as I walk up for power cleans “norest justpickupandgo…. be agressive… norest justpickupandgo”

  3. Push Jerk 1RM: 195 (20lbs PR!)
    AMRAP: 4 rounds + 7 BJs rx’d

    Did the BJs Games-style. I was only 2 reps away from finishing round 5 when the time ended (darn)! The 135lb snatch was the hard part today. I had to drop every rep. The pullups and BJs were unbroken.

    Overall it was good day!

    • 20# PR is huge! Congrats Casey! (from the dead to you guy)

      • Thanks! It felt great. Jesse and Jeff pointed out that I was barely dropping under it at all and so if I did I could probably go up higher. So next time I’ll put more focus on getting lower. So anyone who reads this before the workout should try to think about getting lower as the weight gets heavier.

        P.S. You’re no longer on my “soon to be dead to me” list. Shawn has another day or so until I can put the Mini-Shawn behind me. 😉

    • I would give congrats on the huge PR (overhead PR’s are always huge), especially being a longtime crossfitter finding a way to break through again.

      but I’m dead to you and can’t.

      • Fine, you can be alive to me again since you want to give me congratulations.

    • Thats Huge! Nice job Casey!!!

  4. Still taking it easy on my back. Feeling better everyday though.

    135×5 split jerk
    7 rounds of part two. Hang Snatch 95lbs

  5. Jeff-
    265 Split Jerk

    6 rounds + 7 BJ
    Did 30″ games style BJ

    300 Split jerk

    7 rounds +3 snatches
    30″ games style BJ

    • Jeff, this is the video I was referring to about box jump efficiency. It really helped me out on my box jump rhythm and cycling. The parts that are most directly applicable to the box jump itself are in the first 3 or 4 minutes and the last 5 minutes.

  6. Not being a games person (this year) I need to ask what’s the difference in a “games style BJ” from what I’ve been taught to do? Faster reps, rigorousness of the form or?

    • Games-style BJs include a fast stop and complete open of the hips while standing on the box. Normal BJs allow opening of the hips while jumping off the box.

      • To clarify a little further Games-style BJs have two advantages from my perspective. They’re easier to judge and are safer as they force you to be a little more controlled.

  7. 137# Jerk (2# PR + made it a lot more efficient with Jeff’s help)
    7 + 1 Snatch (75#)
    Focused on making my snatches prettier and more efficient, rather than going heavier.

  8. 225# Split Jerk

    6 Rounds + 2 Snatches with 30″ games style boxes

  9. 205# split jerk 215# F

    5 rounds + 2 snatch rx’d

  10. 125# behind the neck split jerk

    5 rounds + 5 pull ups (65# snatch)

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