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March 29th, 2012

The better your technique, the easier it is to row hard and the less it takes out of you.  Check out these links for some tips:

How to video about rowing from Concept 2

Common rowing errors, also from Concept 2


Four sets of:
Back Squat x 2-3 reps @ 30X1 tempo*
-Rest 30 seconds
Ring Dips x 3-5 reps (Scale with a band if needed and use full range of motion)
-Rest 2 minutes

*Tempo for back squat: Take 3 seconds to descend into the squat, no pause at the bottom, lift the weight ‘explosively’ out of the bottom position/to standing position and then pause for 1 second at the top before beginning the next rep.

and then after a 5-10 minute rest…

Eight sets of:
Row for max meters in 30 seconds
Rest for 30 seconds

Score is the lowest number of meters rowed in any of the 8 rounds.
The goal is to row a decent # of meters the first round and then maintain that number of meters (or better) all 8 rounds


8 Responses

  1. Wow! So thankful for a rest day!

  2. It wasn’t too bad, though after the NEW warmup routine I was already fatigued. Thanks to all for showing me how to correctly climb a rope – what a difference. 131m on my lowest row set.

  3. 245#x3 for 4 sets for the Back Squat (meant to go 200 but forgot to add the bar!) so 20 or so under my best – my explosive ups weren’t real explosive at this weight! Ring Dips felt great, 5 each set.

    145 meters min, maybe overthought this – probably could have pushed it to 150 or so after the fact. Found a good breathing rate: explosive deep quick one at each extreme position. It may have sounded like a steam train to Shawn and Michelle however…

  4. Back Squat: 115lbs throughout, doubled reps
    Ring Dips: sets of 4. Someday I’ll beat those with a stick, a big one. And keep my arms/elbows in. But progress I think is occuring.

    Row Intervals: 152m minimum. I should’ve tried harder to keep my 163m first round. While 30secs doesn’t “feel” like a lot of time, it is compared to only working 30secs. Don’t hold back, your body will recover during rest.

    Felt off in my own world this morning, hopefully noone thought I was annoyed with them. Probably time for a rest day. 🙂

  5. BS 275# x 3 ring dips rx’d x 5
    166 lowest row

  6. Jeff @ work
    All BS at 275×3
    3 seconds down was good. Not real explosive on the up.

    Part two-
    Started too high at 162 and went down by a meter or two each interval. All were max effort though which was good.

  7. BS 205-215#
    166m Nice work Chris!

    • Good job buddy! I know I set the challenge as you came in and I knew you would only go out in that awesome “brad style”!

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