March 31st, 2012

This is a team WOD, so bring (drag if necessary) in your favorite (or most willing) family member and workout together!


This is two person team WOD for time:

30 reps of Snatches (M=135 lbs./W=75 lbs.)
30 reps of Clean & Jerks (M=135 lbs./W=75 lbs.)


–  The amount of reps of each exercise are the total that the team has to complete combined.
– Only one team member can be working at any time, but they can each have their own bar.
– Each team member has to complete at least 3 reps minimum before switching off to the other team member, but there is no maximum limit to how many reps one team member can do before switching.
– Teams can have 2 different bars and be coed (family teams are encouraged)
– Three person teams?  Totally OK, reps just increase to 45 snatches & 45 clean & jerks for teams with 3 members.


5 Responses

  1. What a fun sounding WOD! I’m jealous that I can’t be there. Have fun guys.

  2. 4:17 Rx’d

    Kandi & John

    • My favorite wod to date. strategy was John did 6s, I did 3s on the snatches. On the clean & jerk, I did 6s, John did 3s.

  3. 5:13 w/ Glenn w/ 110lbs
    We just rotated very quickly with 3 reps each.
    Proud of my partner to just pick up and go every time I finished my set.

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