April 7th, 2012

Team WOD:

Seven rounds for time of:
7 Burpees
7 Box Jumps
7 Ground to Overhead Anyway (can be a power snatch or clean & jerk) with 95/65 lbs barbell.

Complete this workout in teams of two or three, with only one partner working at a time.  One partner will blast through a full round before the next partner begins.  Repeat until all teammates have completed seven rounds.


8 Responses

  1. Team Matt and Jimmy:

    12:11 rxd

    It was great trying to keep up with Matt’s pace! Way to push hard everyone!

    • Ummm…. I thought it was team Jimmy/Matt, and I was trying to keep up with you!
      Nice work everyone, that was fun!

  2. Team WOD #1: 23:13 Dual Rx’d with Glenn
    Team WOD #2: 1.5hr mountain bike w/ Glenn

    • recording wod at home, and realized I said “rx’d” here. why the heck did I do that? step ups and proud of it!

  3. Glenn: “I hope I don’t slow you down too much on the ride today Shawn”
    Shawn:”No worries, if I wanted to go fast I would not have invited you…..wait that didn’t come out right”

    Awesome ride on a beautiful sunny day. Thanks for letting me tag along Shawn. Post ride Maltby Cafe visit was equally awesome.

  4. 13:37 solo. knee hurt did step ups 20″box, 65# snatch 5 rounds, clean&jerks last two rounds.

  5. Kandi is a beast! We talked about the rest each round before the workout (resting a minute or 2 minutes each round), but she choose to go with no rest.

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