Happy Easter!

Hey CFSers, I’m filling in for Annie this week as the Steins are gallivanting around the country enjoying the sunshine. I’m not even gonna try to hang with Annie’s supreme culinary prowess. I just want to wish you a Happy Easter! Have a great day celebrating the empty tomb!


6 Responses

  1. He is Risen!

  2. AMEN!!!!!!!! To that! Happy Sunday!

  3. He is risen…

  4. I knew my CFS friends would appreciate this on this great Easter Sunday.

    After serving a 10# prime rib cooked to Medium rare:

    Kathryn: I feel sorry for vegetarians, they will never know how good this is……

    I think she is firmly in the Paleo camp.

    Eat well CFS friends.

  5. Hoppy Easter!
    He HAS risen! YIPPEE!

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