April 10th, 2012


Four sets for times of:
400 Meter Run
30 Double-Unders
Rest exactly 2 minutes


11 Responses

  1. 16:08 60 single unders, I’m getting a few 4-5 DUs at a time but not often enough for the WODs!

  2. 13:35 Rx’d
    Splits = 1:51, 2:01,(rope broke), 1:57, 1:46

  3. 15:43 rx’d

    2:23, 2:23, 2:24, 2:33

  4. Nice work on the splits Casey & Jimmy, great consistency.

  5. 16:45ish (i forgot exact) mod
    500m Rows and 20 Sit Ups w/ 20# Ball for DU sets

  6. ALL of the 9:15 ladies are making some huge strides on the double unders! Way to go gals.

    12:43 Rxd


  7. 14:54 rx’d

  8. 20:34 I missed the rest between rounds part hence the surprising (For me) time.

    Splits were 3:46, 3:59, 4:06 and 3:52 Newtons and all. 60 single unders per round.

    As if to say DO NOT RUN GLENN while I was struggling through my single unders I hit the red-little-garage-door-dangly-thing and the garage door slammed shut before my eyes telling me to STOP! I ignored the slothful spirit and pressed on.

    I hate running.

  9. 1:51-2:52( rope broke )-2:35-2:20
    14:58 rx

    Fun WOD

  10. 14:52 Rx

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