April 15th, 2012

CFS Real Foodies…Help!

Help! I’m a real food newbie and I am scared of getting my clock cleaned by the Vale girls again this year at the Real Food Cookoff 2012 (RFC 12)! CFS real foodies, master chefs and culinary queens (and kings) we need you. This is your chance to help out some people who are trying to figure out how to cook real food. Post cooking tips, favorite resources and websites, and advice to comments. I expect to hear from a large variety of members.  We have some awesome cooks in this gym that NEVER comment on the blog. Lets change that today!

Five rounds for time of:
Handstand walk 25 yards
50 Squats

Post time to comments.

WOD Demo video [wmv] [mov].


14 Responses

  1. why is it that my only original ideas for the cook off are wrap something in bacon or grill something and wrap in bacon? I appear to have already hit my wall. 😀

    • Ahh but what a wall! My family’s gripe is that my standard meal is whatever veggies are around sauted in bacon grease / coconut oil or steamed with some meat added or on the side. Good but boring after awhile. I dislike wasting more time cooking than necessary. Quick, simple and hearty.

  2. 14:36mod (23.6wks)
    5 wall climbs per round
    I don’t think Jim is ever going to listen to any of my ideas again. Most excellent Monday efforts from Jimmy getting 2/3 HSW volume to Michelle upside down going “I think I have the confidence to try a handstand push up now.”

  3. Time was not relevent, Did 4×30 sec holds w/ the squats but it was too easy & heard Shawn & Jim grunting at other end, so the last one did 5 wall walk ups then did an extra set, definently should have done these – they were much tougher. Also liked the chest touching (one hand) but I figured I was going to fall into someone beside me if I did these when I got tired. GOOD JOB Jimmy w/ the real HSwalks and Michelle for mastering the Handstand! Yet another thing to master!

    For a chuckle watch the others while upside down – unique perspective.

  4. 14:50 2/3 Distance HSW
    Great to see Matt Getting his HSW going!

  5. Wall climbs: Round 1-2 (15 chest taps) Round 3-5 (20 chest taps). 12:16

    • In my quick try of Wall Climbs or Chest taps as a sub I thought Chest taps would get to be more of a problem but you did quite a few more than I think I could have done of Wall Climbs. Which do you think was harder doing 5 Wall Climbs or 15/20 Chest taps? After doing 2 sets of 5 at the end of the workout I’m not sure anymore.

      • First time trying the chest taps but I think the 5 wall climbs would have been much harder!

  6. Because I feel really comfortable cooking I have a tendency, when writing blogs or recipes, to be really vague. I am a little lazy, but I also just assume people know what I mean or can possible read my mind. I had someone recreate my fish (http://crossfitsnohomish.com/2011/01/22/fish-chips-kinda/) recipe on his blog. There’s a step where I wrote “finish it off in the oven”. I completely thought everyone knew what that meant, however he had no clue and gave my recipe a lower score because of my vagueness. Boo, to that newbie.

    If anyone has questions about my recipes I post, please ask! I’m not totally trying to keep them secrets, unless your Betty. Or Dawn. Or, even those Vale girls.

  7. 15:17 scaled
    1/3 HS walk (if you could call it that), and 50 squats x 5

  8. 15:10 wall climbed then held the hspu for 30 sec. great job to dwayne and tom working on the handstands not on the wall.

    Tips for those trying to figure out real food recipes…don’t be afraid. I try to take my favorites and work on taking out what is not real food. I also look for recipes on-line and play with those until I like it better. Andrea’s website is great, we use it a lot, also Elana’s pantry, has great baked good recipes. Looking forward to the cookoff.

  9. C-
    11:19 Rx’d

    I personally love nourished kitchen website, our very own Annie’s recipes, or our nourishing traditions cookbook. Sometimes I come up with an idea and just google it and see what comes up.

  10. Great workout and a lot of fun! It was particularly entertaining listening to Jim and Shawn next to me. Even though Jim was finding multiple ways to use Shawn’s name in vain they did an awesome job of supporting one another through the wall climbs. Everyone in the 5:30 a.m. class worked hard and we all seemed to make good progress. And of course, hats off to Jimmy for the hand stand walks!

  11. Some of my favorite recipes are from Annie. That fish recipe she mentioned is amazing! I also came away from last years cookoff with many recipes that have become regulars at our house. The cookoff is a great way to get new ideas and you get to try every dish so you know how it tastes. I have spent a lot of time online looking for recipes. Some have been really good, and some not so good.

    When all else fails, the old stand by is to throw a steak on the grill! And, I’m with Shawn, if it’s wrapped in bacon it is always good!

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