April 30th, 2012

The Weekend!

The weekends events at CFS were amazing. The 91 Day challenge kickoff was intense. We had 32 people lay it on the line to improve their health and fitness over the next 3 months! There are over 600 dollars in cash on the line for that contest! I have talked to the coaches and we are all so excited to see the health and performance gains made by all.

RFC 12 was as amazing as it was billed to be. I would challenge anyone to find that much good REAL FOOD in one place at one time anywhere! There were over $300 in prizes on the line, making the competition fierce. With approximately 30 entries vying for the hardware at this event, standing on the virtual Real Foods podium was no walk in the park! Here is how it all played out. In the non-sweets category Steve took home third place and the latest generation of CFS shirt as well as a copy of Good Calories, Bad Calories with his family famous Mexicali Chicken. In second place was Real Foods veteran Dawn with her Mushroom, Tenderloin and Gorgonzola Mini-Skewers. Dawn wisely chose a set of  ceramic Kyocera knives as her reward.  Taking home top prize in this category were the fiercely competitive Pavlus. They raked in a Kombucha starter kit with two record-setting dishes both scoring over 14 (out of 15) points. A feat never seen before! Their 7 flavor beef scored a 14.96 out of 15! In the sweets category, third place was taken by Real Foods prodigy Naomi. She walked away with a popcorn superfoods kit for her efforts. In second place, was the now legendary Vale girls taking home a $50 TJ’s gift card with their chocolate ice cream with mint chocolate chip cookies and mint whip cream. In first place in the sweets category was Real Foods icon Betty, with the Post WOD recovery Duo of chocolate mousse and mini cheesecakes. She’ll now be increasing her probiotic status with her prize, a homemade yogurt kit. All of the winners are pictured above.

Great job everyone! You now have no excuse not to  be eating Real Food at your house. Put all those recipes you collected to use.


For time:
185 pound Squat clean, 1 rep
10 Parallette handstand push-ups
185 pound Squat clean, 2 reps
9 Parallette handstand push-ups
185 pound Squat clean, 3 reps
8 Parallette handstand push-ups
185 pound Squat clean, 4 reps
7 Parallette handstand push-ups
185 pound Squat clean, 5 reps
6 Parallette handstand push-ups
185 pound Squat clean, 6 reps
5 Parallette handstand push-ups
185 pound Squat clean, 7 reps
4 Parallette handstand push-ups
185 pound Squat clean, 8 reps
3 Parallette handstand push-ups
185 pound Squat clean, 9 reps
2 Parallette handstand push-ups
185 pound Squat clean, 10 reps
1 Parallette handstand push-up

Post time to comments.


28 Responses

  1. I am really bummed I missed all the fun. My in laws are here so I was entertaining. Hopefully I will be back in tomorrow. Good job everyone.

  2. A drippy 23:33
    Used 95# and 1pad+15#plate, was pleased w/ scaling maybe could have added 5# or ? w/o a lot of increased time… that last HSPU felt great in that it was ONLY ONE! (Had a few cleans that the weight unloaded in my hands – so cool!)

    I was very impressed w/ the efforts – a lot of sweat was flying this morning. Also a GREAT week-end, thanks Jeff.

  3. Did anybody leave a green Costco reusable bag up there @ RFC 12? I can’t remember how many we brought up there and we came home with 3 but one of them seems newer than ours. We’re thinking somebody must have left it up.

  4. 21:52
    Went from one Abmat to 2 early on. Next time I’ll just stick with the one.
    135lbs for the Squat Cleans.

  5. 36:25 scaled
    HSPU w/ 5kg plate and 150lbs Squat Cleans (feels good to pull heavier weights again)
    Holy wrist flexibility on both movements (for me)!! Probably should’ve dropped to abmat for HSPU for better intensity halfway through, but was feeling ambitious to finish out the HSPU w/ 1 plate. Feeling more confident.

    Middle of the 8th round called my barbell Bob, and sang “here we Bah-ob, here we go!” lift and repeat. Worked great to finish out the last rounds quickly… ish… with singles.

  6. 37:11 – scaled
    145# SC
    6 rounds full HSPU / 4rounds 1Abmat
    TOUGH workout this morning…shoulder is sore! Maybe for speed should have had an Abmat throughout.

    Great job to all on the Sat challenge. Can’t wait to see the results!!!

  7. 41:46

    Squat cleans @ 135 lbs
    14 reps to the floor
    5 reps to a 15lb plate
    remainder to 1 abmat

    This workout crushed me into a little pile of gelatinous goo. That being said, it felt like a really good heavy workout.

    • that’s awesome – “…little pile of gelatinous goo”! I don’t think I’ve ever heard it so accurately or eloquently put.

  8. Deceptively evil rep scheme. 34:12 with 75# Squat Cleans and HSPU’s with 45# plate and two (2) ab mats. Really just sort of bent my arms a little but felt good to get upside down. The Squat Cleans turned into clean, push press, OHS towards the end. Glad I used a light weight as I felt uneasy with the movement and did not have the coaching awesomeness of CFS around. Really got tough at 8-10 SC.

    Not sure what happened after round two but I tore off my shirt and started channeling Brad. Squat Cleans felt better and HSPU got deeper. Luckily I was at home in the garage. Pancho averted his eyes.

    • That’s OK Glenn. I was so worried about the WOD I took my shirt off just reading the blog.

    • I just realized I did squat snatches instead of squat cleans. Awesome.

      • I was wondering how the heck you went from squat clean to overhead squat. You definitely increased the suck factor with squat snatches! Nice job gutting it out with extra suck.

      • Wowzers. It was horrible enough with squat cleans!

  9. The RFC was so awesome! Great food… and better cooks!

  10. 21:30 Scaled HSPU to reverse wall climb. Hand to chest 20-18-16-14….
    135# Squat Cleans

  11. 19:41 MOD
    135# squat clean
    2 abmats
    Surprised at how hard this was. Sweaty…….

    ALOT of hard work going on. Good job everyone.

  12. 26:04 scaled 75# squat cln and 2 abmat +15# plate for HSPU

  13. Sorry it was 26:40

  14. 21:13
    95# squat cleans
    1 abmat HSPU

    My time is kind of a DNF because I forgot to do my last HSPU. Round 8 was by far the hardest round for me, it was totally mental at that point. That’s when I couldn’t figure out how to keep track of the rounds anymore and ended up forgetting the last HSPU.

  15. 27:24 92# squat cleans, 1 abmat plus plate and I still didn’t hit it everytime. Not my favorite, wanted to give up. Thanks to my husband, I didn’t. 🙂

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