May 2nd, 2012

Row for max meters in 4 minutes.

Rest 2 minutes

Max double unders in 3 minutes.

Rest 90 seconds

Max box jumps in 2 minutes, 24″/20″

Rest 1 minute

Max Jumping lunges in 1 minute (count every other knee touch)

Rest 30 seconds

10 minutes to 1 rep max hang power snatch.

Post score for each of the different movements.



16 Responses

  1. This looks like “Leftover Friday” or Potpourri. Coach will be writing during all of warm-up.

  2. 1060 Row, 45 DUs(attempts/cmplt), 40 BJ (std),18 J. Lunges, 110# could not get 115!. Interesting with lots of people, we had 2 waves. It was a good core/lower body WOD. Had trouble balancing the lunges (tired).

  3. 1180 / 105 / 40 (games style) / 20 / 155# HPS

    Fun class this morning. Lots of good work &sweat! Thanks for the coaching Ryan.

    *Nice to see you moving such heavy weight so well Shawn!!

  4. Two people asked about where to get jump ropes, I got mine mail order from a company in Leavenworth:

    You may be able to stop by and pick them up Phone: 509.548.0752

  5. 1172 – 57 – 21 – 39 – 160lbs
    I think it was my first day back with 24″ box jumps, du’s and letting myself lift as heavy I was comfortable. Definitely moved carefully/slowly on bj/du/hps, but I’ll take the progress!

    • See the other wod results make me rethink mine. I misread the lunge counting, I had 39 total knee touches, 19 counting every other knee touch. Ops.

      • I was wondering if reducing the BJs would have refreshed me enough to double my lunge count. I won’t try it now to find out.

  6. Rx’d: 1186/130/34 (games style)/14/140# HPS

  7. 1108/137/40/20/115#
    Great coaching today with Casey.

  8. 907/88/31/17/60# suprising, I didn’t have a lot to give for snatches.

  9. 1038/14/29/12/120

    Got a calf cramp during my awesome DU string (one in a row!) probably because I did not warm up properly. Was glad I broke 1k meters on the row. Struggled with the power Snatch but made sure to watch Sage B on you tube before attempting my own.

    Felt a lot better today, probably the restful sleep and of course the Paleo (sort of) Steinbread Sandwich I had this morning.

    • That’s right, you and all other 91 day challengers keep eating the Steinbread. I wish I didn’t, but it’s so hard not to eat a little slice right out of the oven with pasture butter ontop. Seriously.

      • We could also set up a candy store outside of the gym to entice the other 91 day challengers. Now to figure out how to get “them” to not work hard during the week?

      • I think a free beer cooler would work better.

  10. 1064/104/38/20
    135# I took Annie’s advice and stopped trying 145 before I made my sore shoulders worse. Probably a good call.

  11. 990/20/35/16?
    95# HPS

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